by Captain Lyaf Yarr

Title: Monte Carlo
Director: Thomas Bezucha
Run Time: 109 minutes
Rated: PG

Summary: Grace thought that everything would change when she went Paris after graduation. And she was right in the most unreal way possible! When her friend, Emma, and her stepsister, Meg lose their spot on the tour they were on, the run into a hotel to get out of the rain and come across a girl who is strangely identical to Grace. Emma and Meg convince Grace to pretend to be the rich ‘Cordelia Winthrop Scott’ while the real one plays hookey avoiding a charity function, but Cordelia doesn’t know about her body double. Will the people in Cordelia’s life figure out what an imposter Grace is? Can love found in such circumstances survive a revelation of their little secret? Or will the trip end in disaster?

Why I watched this movie:

I watched this movie because I thought the trailer looked really cute, and I like Selena Gomez. When some friends wanted to go I said yes!


  • Selena Gomez is SO gorgeous! (And she is dating Justin Bieber, so yes I’m very jealous.) Her hair is so pretty and I loved her makeup in this film. Selena Gomez just looks great no matter what she does or what she wears.
  • Pierre Boulanger (who plays Theo) is also very hot! (And Second Mate Embry’s crush!) Oh his hair! So cute! I also like his character, the sweet rich boy who wants to help the world! 🙂 Aw!
  • I love the whole idea behind this movie. I want more trading places movies like this one – there really isn’t enough outside of the The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday!
  • Owen (Cory Monteith) aka Finn on Glee was in this movie and played Emma’s boyfriend! At first when I saw him I was like ‘Oh my goodness! That’s Finn! But all Texas-fied!’ And I think he did a good job too! He’s got home-boy down.
  • I love all of the romantic couples! The characters played well off each other and were good for each other. They were are all so cute together! I thought it was funny how Meg was all grouchy, uptight and complaining all the time until she fell in love which made her happy, goofy, and careless. Oh love! <3
  • I thought the scenery was very very very beautiful I wish it looked like that over here! It’s WAY better then the view of the hedge out of my window!
  • Luke Brancey (the boy Meg dates) is also very hot! I guess this movie is just filled with very good looking people! Not overly realistic but fun to watch.
  • I liked the part when Theo finally works up the nerve to kiss ‘Cordelia’ but it was actually the real Cordelia instead of Grace (the one he wanted to kiss) and the real Cordelia slaps him! I felt bad, so bad for him, but it was still hilarious.

Last minute thoughts: After seeing this movie with all of the volunteering and building schools and such it makes me want to do something good and helpful for the world/ humanity. I’m green! I recycle! In conclusion, this movie was great! I would love if there was a sequel. 🙂

Buy: Monte Carlo

Movie Rating: I give this movie 5 Treasure Chests! It was amazing!

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