Movie Review: New Moon directed by Chris Weitz


by Captain Lyaf Yarr

Title: New Moon
Director: Chris Weitz
Run Time: 130 minutes
Rated: PG-13

Summary: Edward Cullen abandons Bella Swan in Forks, Washington because he says that she’s not good enough for him. Afterward, she doesn’t know what to do. Luckily, Jacob Black comes along and accompanies her and helps stitch her back together. But when Victoria comes along and seeks revenge on Edward through Bella, Jacob and his pack try to kill her. In a desperate attempt to keep her Edward visions Bella gets the idea to cliff dive. When Alice Cullen spies Bella cliff diving and thinks that she’s dead, Edward finds out and wants to kill himself. It’s a race to stop him, but can she stop him? Will Victoria get to Bella? Will Bella forgive Edward?

Why I watched this movie:

I read the book that this movie was based off of and I enjoyed it. So, I thought I’d like the movie just as well.


  • I liked the subtle humor in this movie. It was unexpected and a treat.
  • I enjoyed that they had more of Edward in this movie than the book would imply. It just wouldn’t be the same without him. I think it was clever that whenever Bella hallucinated Edward, Robert Pattison was there acting in the scene.
  • To my surprise I enjoyed Jacob in this movie. Taylor Lautner did a great job. He seems like a good friend, but not a boyfriend, even though he obviously wants to be that for Bella.


  • The vampire eyes looked really fake to me, and too perfect if that makes sense. Even though vampires are suppose to look perfect like that, and have golden eyes I still didn’t like them. People still have color changes in their eye, even if the overall affect is brown … or in this case red or yellow gold. The eye color is very flat.
  • I didn’t like Alice’s wig in this movie, and I think that her wig in Twilight was cuter.

Last minute thoughts: This movie was AWESOME! so much better than my expectations! I can’t wait until I see it again. I hope that Eclipse will be just as well.

Buy: The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Two-Disc Special Edition), The Twilight Saga: New Moon [Blu-ray]

Movie Rating: I give this movie 4.5 treasure chests!

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  1. One of my favorite parts about the movie was her emailing Alice and getting all those return to sender messages. She saved them on her client account. If Edward ever accessed it he would so know everything she thought and went through! It gives me warm fuzzies. I love angsty drama.

  2. Longjam Satyabati Devi

    For me, it seems every part of the entire saga is interesting and has a link moment to moment most of the time…..especially, the chemistry between Edward and Bella is so intense/soulful, slow and addictive that I can hardly do anything once I started watching it……it was only in 2011, I guess , when I started watching the Twilight movie……then I started watching the remaining by one with a gap of months……I felt very special about Edward/Rob – I don’t know which one coz – the impact is created by both – the character and the person playing it…….and felt sensitive about the entire series……….

    Then recently, I got linked up to the Twilight/Rob’s fan site, since early June, I guess ,till today……….and during these few days/since last month……I have learned so many things about Rob and Twilight Saga- behind the scenes, the interviews and reviews, fan videos, etc………It all helped me in getting a deep down/ deeper understanding of the Movie/Saga, the Writer and How it was Written ( though, we are able to know only little / little is known about it) , the Characters, Themes within the Series and its Impact as well ( I have never watched any of all these reviews, interviews and fan videos, etc before last month…)

    Now , I feel that the Twilight Movie Series/Saga is much more Beautiful , Dreamlike and Realistic , Artistic, Highly Technical and Very Complex at the same time……………..all in all , all these elements and more have been well crafted in the Series…….”New Moon” being the most important part ,coz, it bridges the zone/time between the start of love to the complexities of its realization- withdrawal, separation, pain in both sides, sacrifice and reconciliation/realization of the fact that they both Love each other beyond Death…….thats when the Strongest, Truest and Most faithful form of love starts……”New Moon”,thus, depicts the Storm that Engulfs Edward and Bella…….after which they realize how Beautiful and Strong their love is………….that in the end of the Entire Saga they become two of the most important Saviour, after overcoming Death by both for the sake of Love, for each other, and the other groups………. <3 !!

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