by Captain Lyaf Yarr

Title: Sarah Plain and Tall
Director: Glenn Jordan
Run Time: 98 minutes
Rated: G

Summary: Caleb and Anna’s father puts an ad in the paper asking for a mail-ordered bride. When he gets a reply, Caleb gets super excited because Sarah, the woman who answered the letter, makes plans to visit for a month. Caleb’s sister, Anna, on the other hand isn’t so happy and she’s definitely not excited. She doesn’t want another mother, especially one that will leave. Will she learn to like Sarah, or will she get her way and will Sarah go back home?

Why I watched this movie:

I watched this movie because I read the book by Patricia MacLachlan. When I found out there was a movie about it, my mom and sister got it from the library for me to watch.


  • Christopher Walken the father, looks so young! I saw him in Hairspray and wow. My mom says he’s cute. I’m not so sure about that, but I guess that’s up to you.
  • Glenn Close played Sarah Wheaton and while she was far too pretty for someone described as plain and tall, she was fantastic!
  • I thought Lexi Randall and Christopher Bell who played the kids were good too. They came across pretty genuine.


  • This movie was too slow for me. I like the way things are filmed now with a little more action and sharper transitions. It was pretty much the book acted out word for word.
  • Anna was too much of a brat considering she wasn’t at all that way in the book. I know. I know. I thought the kids were too nice in the book, obviously the script writers and director thought so too. I’m entitled to change my mind. She should have been a nice kid.

Last minute thoughts: My sister saw that there were sequels to the movie, which we think means sequels to the book. We’re going to look out for them at the library. Have you read/seen them?

Buy: Sarah Plain and Tall

Movie Rating: I give this movie 3 treasure chests.

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