by Captain Lyaf Yarr

Title: Soul Surfer
Director: Sean McNamara
Run Time: 106 minutes
Rated: PG

Summary: Bethany Hamilton’s whole life is in the water surfing. Her dream is to become a pro surfer. While practicing for a competition out in the ocean she gets attacked by a shark that bites off her whole arm! Life seems to be over until she decides to learn to live life with one less arm. How crazy is that? And Bethany STILL wants to chase her dream and is willing to do what ever she has to do to make it come true.

Why I watched this movie:

I watched this movie because I went to see it with some friends and it looked really good.


  • The scene when Bethany gets her arm bitten off is very dramatic. I was scared out of my mind. The way it was filmed and the music built up the scene so you knew when it was gonna happen. It was very intense and I was at the edge of my seat and my face was like ‘=O’
  • I love that this is based on a true story! If it wasn’t people would probably say ‘How could this ever happen? It seems impossible.’ The impossible is defiantly possible.
  • I like the insert from the Bible, Jeremiah 29:11 It was very moving.
  • At the end there were video clips of the real Bethany Hamilton. I liked seeing the real people that were part of Bethany’s adventure and blessing.


  • I like Carrie Underwood and all but she did awful in this movie! It was funny how sarcastic she was… in a bad way. Her acting was unbelievable and fake. Acting’s defiantly not Carrie Underwood’s next career.

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Movie Rating: 4.5 Treasure Chests!

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