by First Mate Keira

Pop Your Top and Read days are some of the best days in elementary school. I remember looking forward to those days with gleeful abandon. In an effort to promote one of my favorite reading activities I’m going to talk a little more in-depth on what it is and how to get the maximum enjoyment out of it.

What exactly is Pop Your Top and Read?

Pop Your Top and Read is a reading activity put on by the home room or reading teacher in school. It is usually done in elementary education and not in the older secondary schools. Kids are invited to bring a drink and a book for a scheduled reading break during the day. Sometimes snacks or lunch is also involved—it’s a matter of preference on the teacher’s part.

When the scheduled reading time arrives the teacher announces to the class to put away their things and to grab their book and drink. Depending on the teacher the activity can be done in the classroom, in which case students will either stay at their desks or spread around the room to get in a comfortable reading position.

Other times it can be done outdoors like an extra recess. Kids will situate themselves around the playground or hallways and soak up the sun and breeze before cracking their books. Outdoor Pop Your Top and Read days are subject to the whims of the weather and you may have to adjust and head back indoors if it’s raining or snowing.

Most students, like I did myself back in the day, will bring a soda can or a can of juice. It makes it all the more satisfying when the teacher calls out “1, 2, 3!” everybody pops their tops at the same time. As I recall, it is a very satisfying sound!

Reading goes on anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour.

Similar Pop Your Top and Read Activities:

  • Reading is a Hole Lot of Fun – Snack on donut holes while reading.
  • Reading is Cool – Eat popsicles while reading.
  • Chew Over a Great Book – Chew bubblegum while reading.

These ideas came from National Education Association.

Why I Loved Pop Your Top and Read:

I love reading and an excuse to skip school work and dive into a book was always welcomed. What made Pop Your Top and Read most exciting though was getting to bring a can of soda into class, something not allowed under normal circumstances.

It felt so good because it was so forbidden back then, either because the school was relatively new and they were anxious to avoid cockroaches or because super sugary substances were just generally frowned upon back then. I know that makes me sound rather old, but I promise I’m not! 🙂

Do you have Pop Your Top and Read days at school? If you do, do you look forward to them?