Re-Examining Deathly Hallows Predictions

If you’re like me before the final book was released you were talking with friends about your theories and predictions for Deathly Hallows. How was the series going to end? I have quite a few of mine saved from that time and I thought it’d be a trip to see just how right or err… wrong I was.

Harry is not a Horcrux. I was vehement about this with friends. Harry just couldn’t be a Horcrux because if he were Voldemort wouldn’t want to kill him. Huh… was I ever wrong on that.

Founder Horcruxes for Gryffindor: None. I was 100% sure Voldemort hadn’t managed to acquire one as the Sorting Hat and Sword of Gryffindor were always under Albus Dumbledore’s nose and had they been compromised he would have noticed. I got that right at least.

Founder Horcruxes for Ravenclaw: It is not Rowena Ravenclaw’s wand. It’s got nothing to do with Ollivander. It wasn’t Rowena Ravenclaw’s wand at least. Ollivander was captured however because of the Hallows and helping Voldemort figure things out.

Nagini is also not a Horcrux. Buzzer noise… wrong again. Who knew living objects could be used? Bah!

RAB = Regulus A. Black. Score. Got that one right, but then I think so did a lot of people. It wasn’t like there were any other RABs we’d learned about in the series.

Voldemort will die. I’m not commenting in case you haven’t read the books.

Harry won’t die. Ditto.

Lupin is going to live when JKR had planned originally to kill him off. Rowling was quoted on saving a couple of characters (at least one) that she decided not to kill in the end, but sadly Lupin was not the character she saved.

A Weasley will die and quite possibly two, after all that’s 9 main characters. I doubt it’ll be the twins or Ron. Cry. My favorite twin died. It’s so unfair.

Helga Hufflpuff’s cup is located at Godric’s Hollow. Of course it figures Bellatrix had it in the Black vault at Gringotts. At least there was a trip to Godric’s Hollow.

A Horcrux is located at Hogwarts. Woo. I got something right! It’s up on the 7th floor in one of the many manifestations of the Room of Requirement.

Slytherin’s locket is on Kreacher or located at one of the Black properties. Not a hard one to figure out after all RAB was Regulus and Kreacher loved him as he was a proper Black.

The final battle will be fought in a previously known location mentioned in the books. Hogwarts is pretty well known. I was actually thinking more like Little Hangleton or Godric’s Hollow.

Harry’s scar and parseltongue abilities will remain after Lord Voldemort’s destruction. I was banking on the fact Harry wasn’t a horcrux so this was another wrong prediction.

I’m betting on something foul happening with Percy, like that everybody discovers he’s a Death Eater. Nope. Nothing as good as that. He’s just a prat.

Dobby will totally kick Kreacher’s ass again and will say something brilliant. I’m so sad about Dobby’s end. I wasn’t expecting him. Hedwig, yes. Dobby, not a chance.

Snape is evil. Or maybe not? Just wait and find out if you haven’t read about it yet.

Draco will pull a Snape on the trio and Harry will do a Dumbledore thing and trust him. I was expecting Draco to go to Harry and ask for help or with remorse and wanting to join the team. Ah well… no frenemy action going on there.

Bellatrix will be killed by Hermione or Neville. Argh! I still don’t understand how the person who got Bellatrix in the end was allowed to do it. I don’t buy it… not with credit cards, cash, or galleons.

Neville will not be at the final confrontation with Lord Voldemort and Harry. If he was there’d be too much temptation I thought for JKR to make a big switch on who exactly would defeat the guy.

I hope Luna will help with Horcruxes. Neville too. I however can’t see her writing that. Yeah I was right on that but wish I wasn’t. Luna and Neville were side-lined again.

Somebody will get possessed. Possibly Harry. Afterall it was supposed to be one of Voldemort’s big talents and one of the scariest. He would employ it, right? Hmm….

Lily and James are still dead. I was banking on this too because JKR was systematically removing the biggest supports in Harry’s life and it made no sense that she’d bring back his parents at the very end, even if a family was his greatest desire.

Voldemort is not Harry’s dad, uncle, brother, cousin, or relation. No Star Wars themed plot going on here and I was right.

Voldemort will not die from a Killing Curse. Not telling.

Harry might get hit with another AK and survive. Ditto.

#12 will be their base of operations. Possibly the Chamber of Secrets. Tents in the middle of the woods was not something I expected. Did you?

What are those Secrets? The basilisk is only one… mmm Horcrux? This was where I thought Voldemort would hide his Hogwarts Horcrux because he was the one and only Parselmouth around after he got rid of the Gaunts. It would have been pretty safe.

SPEW will be demolished. A lame sort of prediction and totally false when Ron declares the House Elves shouldn’t have to fight and gets attacked by a snog-happy Hermione.

The last word is scar. It was supposed to be and JKR had even said so, but nope, she changed the original ending to the crappie epilogue. Too bad too because the original I hear was supposed to show how the wizarding world began to rebuild.

Your Turn: Share some of your theories. What did you get right? What were you way off base on?

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  1. Great post 🙂

    Ah, I remember all my predictions for book 7 — thinking back I was spot on about some things and clueless about others, lol.

    Definitely am looking forward to seeing Deathly Hallows part I. Especially, since there are a TON of posters for it ALL OVER New York City…especially, in the Union Square and Times Square subway stations.


    • Thanks Sasha! What was your most clueless prediction? I think those are fun, especially because the other way with your predictions being right, means we’ve all read about it already. lol 🙂

  2. I remember finishing the last book and being kind of disappointed with the epilogue. It seemed sort of tacked on and did not really add anything to the story. At the end of the day I don’t really care that Harry named his kids after assorted departed characters from the books. I would have much rather learned about what Ron, Hermione, and Harry were up to after the end of the book. For god’s sake what did they do for jobs? Even a snippet of Ron and Hermione’s wedding would have been nice.

    • The original ending which she wrote before the last book and locked in her safe ended with the word scar and the buzz is that it would have contained all those things. I wish she’d gone with that ending too. The real epilogue is terrible. There’s a youtube video by the Vlogbrothers about it called Book Eight lol.

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