by Silence, guest reviewer

Title: Angel’s and Demons
Author: Dan Brown
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 572
Grade Reading Level: Ages 15+

Summary: Robert Langdon is contacted by scientific research facility CERN to discern the meaning behind the mysterious murder of one of their scientists. Upon seeing the victim, Langdon realizes he’s been branded with the ambigrammic (reads the same normally and from another view point) word Illuminati. This starts an intriguing adventure that unravels the deepest secrets of both the Catholic Church and the Illuminati.

Why I started reading this book:

Interestingly enough, despite what Hollywood would have you believe Angels & Demons came out prior to The DaVinci Code. However I read The DaVinci Code first, liked it, and was obligated to steal Angels and Demons from my sister afterward. I don’t think she’s read it, I should probably return it to her…


  • Again Dan Brown has me questioning some of my base beliefs allowing me to explore a world of open minded thought and mystery. However it’s a book of fiction and proclaims itself as such so don’t get confused.
  • I felt very involved in the mystery, Brown has a way of making you feel almost as if you were solving the puzzles along with him despite not having his wide array of knowledge.
  • Carlo Ventresca as well as a few other people found within the church that had mindsets that I found wonderful to learn about. It took a risk and explored something that hit close to home for me.


  • Carlo Ventresca, Dan Brown simply obliterated any attachment I had to him in a way that I honestly felt was painfully random and uncharacteristic.
  • There were times that I felt Brown was almost throwing information at me to show me how intelligent he was. There’s at least one time in memory that he stated something interesting only to have it become irrelevant in the same paragraph.
  • The Hassassin. As I stated this book arrived before The DaVince Code, however since I read it after the whole idea of a hit man who wasn’t the mastermind felt rehashed.
  • The fact that the whole idea of an Illuminati resurrection is based off of the idea that the ambigram brands have proven impossible to reproduce. It’s hard to suspend belief when the book itself displays the words.

Buy: Angels & Demons

Rating: 4 Treasure Chests

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