Review: Black Duck by Janet Taylor Lisle

by Captain Lyaf Yarr

Title: Black Duck
Author: Janet Taylor Lisle
Format: Paperback
# of pages: 256 pages
Grade Reading Level: Ages 9-12

Summary: One day Ruben Hart and his best friend Jeddy are walking on the beach and stumble upon something completely unexpected that changes everything. What did they see? A dead body with a bolt stuck in him! Who shot him and why? That’s what David Peterson wants to find out. He wants to be a reporter very badly and this is the only story he’s got from such a small town. Befriending the older Ruben Hart will be a challenge as the old rumrunner doesn’t want to open up, but David is determined.

Why I Started the Book:

I started this book because it was a school assignment and the only reason I continued reading it was because I was forced to read it. If I wasn’t forced to read it I would have quit the book in a heartbeat.


  • I liked the chapter with Tom and Viola. Jeddy and Ruben skipped school to meet Tom and discuss the body. I thought it was a great chapter, until Viola got shot! Poor Viola.


  • When I was reading this book I feel asleep a few times. Sweet escape! Well that is until I woke up and then I had to keep reading.
  • I don’t exactly know why I didn’t like this book. I guess I didn’t like the subject matter and the writing style. It’s very slow in the beginning. I never did get interested in the story.
  • As I mentioned earlier the best part was the chapter with Tom and Viola. But it was ruined! Some parts I thought “This is a good part” but then it would get ruined!

Last minute thoughts: At first when I read the back of this book it sounded all mysterious and something different and new to read. I don’t understand how a lot of other people in my class liked this book. I didn’t at all. There were two other people in my group who were also reading it and one liked it and the the other didn’t.

Buy: Black Duck

Book Rating: I give this book 1.5 treasure chests. This book was horrible!

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  1. Hmmm. Think I’ll just leave this one off the TBR, as I don’t think I’d like it either.

    Good review.


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