Review: Boys are Dogs by Leslie Margolis


by Captain Lyaf Yarr

Title: Boys are Dogs
Author: Leslie Margolis
Page Count: 195
Format: Hardback
Grade Reading Level: Ages 9-12

Summary: Annabelle is going into 6th grade at her first coed (boys and girls) school. She and her mom move in with her mom’s boyfriend (a.k.a. Dweeble), and because of the big move they get her a dog. The dog isn’t trained and is a big problem, but not the only problem. The boys aren’t exactly as she imagined. In fact they’re worse! Much, much, worse! Just like wild dogs. Now Annablles’ job is not only to train her new dog but to train all the boys at school.

Why I Started This Book:

I began this book because, it was on a list of books I had to read for school. I started this one first because it looked the most amusing and was the most appealing to me.


  • I enjoyed reading the parts of this book when Annabelle was reading her dog training book and Leslie wrote what she was reading. I got to learn 10 times more information than if it wasn’t written.
  • I liked reading from Annabelle’s point of view, and getting to hear what she was thinking. She sounded like my idea of a 6th grader starting a new school. I could have been her friend.
  • I liked this book because Annabelle is in 6th grade, and so am I. So while I was reading I could relate to her problems as if they were my own. Well, maybe not all, as I’ve always been in coed schooling.


  • I didn’t like the ending. Why you ask? Well it wasn’t exactly how I thought it would end, and I thought there was a better alternative.

Buy: Boys Are Dogs (paperback)

Book Rating: I give this book 4 treasure cheats! It interested me the whole time I was reading. It was fun reading what someone else thinks about boys. I would like to read Leslie’s other book called “Girls Acting Catty.”

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  1. THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD I LOVE THIS BOOK. i recommend it to other girls too.

  2. Thanks Annie for the shout out!

  3. this is a good book (so far) im doing a project about it and its dur feb. 5th 2010!!! and i need to know what the problem is,the rising action,the climax,and falling action, and resolution! please help!

  4. This is a very good book!!!!! (:
    I loved it!!!! I want you all to go out and read it rite now!!

  5. Renee

    i totally loved it! the way how she stood up for herslef agaist those boys and here is my favorite part… IT ACTUALLY WORKS! If you haven’t tried it or read this book it is a major MUST!!!

  6. This is a terrible depiction of boys. The author has issues.

  7. jaden

    i love this book, just read it yesterday! god boys are dogs! just broke up with bf, and that was the best thing i did in my whole life! god such a moron! i hate jocks! but jackson the boy in the book, is kinda cute in the book

  8. I fell in love with this book you should read it also Leslie’s other book girls acting catty it is also the best book ever

  9. This book is kind of good not as much! But its a good book for 6th graders and younger maybe thats why you wrote this book! Well you did a really really good job!! But i love the book girls acting catty! Haha thats soo funny!! Haha

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