Reviewed by Tavern Wench Maisie

Title: The Center of the Storm
Author: Ann Simko
Format: E-book
Page Count: 254 pages
Grade Reading Level: Ages 12-17

Synopsis: Dodge and his fifteen-year-old son, Chris are able to bond with each other due to their shared interests, but they both have a troubled past that comes back to haunt them and Chris doesn’t want to know his dad. Days of abandonment, neglect, abuse, self abuse and drug using have taken their toll, and even though Dodge made it through it all, his son might not, and this troubles him deeply.

What made me want to read it:

I liked the premise of the novel, and it was recommended to me. Sometimes dark novels can have a happy ending, but not all do.

Good points:

  • The cover art and beautiful horse sketch at the beginning of the chapters.
  • It is an emotional novel and deals with several issues that young people still face in today’s society.
  • It has great character interaction, and an interesting plot.
  • Ann shows how difficult it is for Dodge to get through to Chris.

Bad points:

  • The story is a little too dark at the beginning.
  • It isn’t exactly light reading.
  • It could be considered too deep for an older teen’s book.

Buy: The Center of the Storm

Last minute thoughts: There are moments when you really feel sorry for Chris having a bad life at the beginning. The silver lining is Dodge trying to help him find a better life as he starts to grow up.

Rating: 3 Treasure Chests