Reviewed by First Mate Keira

Title: Dark Frost (Mythos Academy, Book 3)
Author: Jennifer Estep
Format: Digital Copy
Page Count: 336 pages
Grade Reading Level: Ages 14+

Summary: When a field trip to a museum gets interrupted by Reapers of Chaos (followers of bad guy Loki, god of chaos), Gwen Frost battles Loki’s Champion. Gwen, herself, is Nike’s (Greek goddess of victory) Champion. Gwen doesn’t kill Loki’s Champion like she wishes (the girl killed Gwen’s mother), but Gwen’s touch magic revealed that Loki’s Champion is searching for a very special artifact in order to release Loki. The last person to know the location of the Helheim Dagger was Gwen’s mother. A dropped map gives Gwen a clue about where to look – the Library of Antiquities on campus. She must hurry and find it first or who knows what will happen!

Why I started this book:

I’ve enjoyed the Mythos Academy series from the get-go and requested from the publisher a copy of the newest release for review, which I was given.


  • Angst! I love how Gwen gets flack from both sides about using her touch magic first and without permission from both her best friend and her would-be boyfriend.
  • The Fenrir wolf is back again! Pregnant! Apparently Gwen and the wolf share a bond. Gwen names her after a goddess of the night. I would love having a magical wolf as a pet.
  • Gypsy power versus gypsy power! Score!
  • Gwen’s super secret scary awesome power… bwuahahaha.


  • Logan finally bites the proverbial bullet and tells Gwen his deep dark secret, but it’s not what you would call a SCARY SECRET that would change how Gwen would view him. Boy should have had therapy before now so this wouldn’t be an issue. I honestly thought he’d killed some innocent toddler or something. Blown way out of proportion if you ask me.
  • How easy it was for Preston to escape. The Academy is not as safe as the teachers would like you to think. Not only can Reapers break in like it was nothing, apparently once caught, they can break out too with little trouble.

Buy: Dark Frost (Mythos Academy)

Rating: 5 Treasure Chests

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