by First Mate Keira

Title: Demonglass (Hex Hall, Book 2)
Author: Rachel Hawkins
Format: Hardback
Page Count: 359 pages
Grade Reading Level: Grade 7+

Summary: Demonglass is the sequel to Hex Hall. Sophie Mercer recently found out she’s a demon, not a witch, that’s why her magic is different and more powerful. It even explains why she messes up so spectacularly. Determined not to be another tragic demon statistic Sophie wants to go through the removal, a process that removes all magic and magical connections from her body. Her previously absentee father on the other hand shows up and puts his foot down. Instead he whisks her off to Britain to learn about being a demon and to train her magic.

Why I started this book:

I read Hex Hall and loved it. I found Hawkins writing to be smart, sassy, and funny. I wanted to keep up with the series.


  • Sophie didn’t curse so much in this book. Or if she did, at least it didn’t stand out to me like it did in Hex Hall.
  • I liked learning the perspective of the Eye on Hex Hall. How’s that for a twist? Not so delinquent are they these youthful Prodigium (magical beings)?
  • Archer Cross still, though I’m really impressed by Sophie (Hawkins too) for how she dealt with him. When she held the coin and didn’t go to him the first time – wow! Two thumbs way up for sensible heroines. You never know if he could have had a legion or two of the Eye waiting for her… even if it did seem unlikely. Very impressed.
  • Cal and his importance to the storyline. I think he’s an equally good contender for the role of the hero and love interest. It will be interesting to see how Sophie handles everything. Spoiler: The reason Sophie’s pictured in white on the cover is because she’s engaged (arranged by her father) to Cal.


  • I didn’t find this book as funny as Hex Hall, though it still had plenty of humorous elements.
  • Nick and Daisy – the other kids at Thorne Abbey (head of the temporary headquarters of the Prodigium Council run by Sophie’s dad) – they’re not likable (though Hawkins tries to throw in some things to make you sympathetic). I wouldn’t have followed them to London on a bet.
  • That for a portion of a book you couldn’t tell if Sophie’s dad was good or not.

Last Minute Thoughts: Not a bad sequel, solid book. I am ready for book three… which according to Rachel Hawkins back in February, “HEX HALL 3… HAS A TITLE I JUST CAN’T SAY IT YET.”

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Rating: 4 Treasure Chests