by Pirate Cook Cutlery, guest reviewer

Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules
Author: Jeff Kinney
Format: Hardback
Pages: 216
Grade Reading Level:
Ages 9-12

Summary: Greg Heffley is in his second year of Middle School. Pretty much, his brother Rodrick, can get Greg to do anything Rodrick wants because Rodrick has some blackmail material on Greg. Their mother is trying to get them to play nice, but with competitive streaks a mile wide will that ever be possible?

Why I Started This Book:

My mother and older sister told me about this book and got it from the library for me. I don’t usually choose to spend my time reading, but this looked cool enough so I began it and finished it within two days. Personal record! Awesome!


  • This book is really funny. I would disturb family members by chuckling out loud.
  • The cartoons made this book a breeze to get through and were part of the humor that really made this book awesome.
  • I liked Manny the youngest Heffley boy. He was the tattler and would tattle on both Greg and Rodrick.


  • I thought it was kind of stupid that Greg wrapped himself in toilet paper when he was wet. Wouldn’t he be a soggy chunky mummy and not just a normal mummy? Talk about icky.
  • Rodrick’s science project. It was silly, but stupid. Come on, really, Do Plants Sneeze?

Last minute thoughts: I am going to go back and start with book one as soon as I can.

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Book Rating:4 Treasure Chests