Review: Dork Diaries 2: Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl by Rachel Renee Russell

by Captain Lyaf Yarr

Title: Dork Diaries 2: Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl
Author: Rachel Renee Russell
Format: Hardback
Page Count: 279
Grade Reading Level: Ages 9-12

Summary: Nikki Maxwell is still the same dork. In this sequel, she has to deal with her two best friends Cloe and Zoey, her secret crush Brandon, and Mackenzie, Nikki’s locker neighbor; the most popular girl in school. Oh, and Mackenzie hates Nikki’s guts!  A scheme of McKenzie’s pulls Nikki and four others in charge of the ENTIRE school dance. So not good. In addition, Nikki accepted an offer to be a giant smelly rat and help out Mackenzie’s aunt at her sister’s ballet party. To make everything better her friends tell her that they’ve decided to go with her idea and dress up as trash bags for the dance, but when Brandon finally asked Nikki to go with him so she decides to dress up as Juliet! Now she can’t wait to go to the dance and hang out just with Brandon… but what about the Halloween party and her friends?!? How can one dork handle all of this in just one night???

Why I started this book:

I read this book because I read the first book and I was eager to know what happened next!


  • I liked reading this book as a diary. I felt so sneaky! This format is what drew me into the first book also. There should be more diary styled comic books!
  • I enjoyed the illustrations in the book. They we’re fun and it gave you a better idea of things that Nikki was talking about.
  • I thought Cloe and Zoey were the best friends ever! They always stood up for Nikki and were very understanding.


  • This book was way too predict Buy: Dork Diaries 2: Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl
    able!  A little dumbed down in places too. For instance, when Nikki was wondering what Brandon wanted to tell her, I was thinking “Gee, I wonder! (Sarcastically.) Could he, and for that matter she, be any more oblivious?”
  • This book was an easy read. Maybe too easy. I need something a little more challenging now I think, so while I liked the book I wouldn’t say I Liked the book.
  • Why did Mackenzie tell Nikki that the dance rocked? Aren’t they supposed to hate each other? It just doesn’t make sense.

Rating: 2.5 Treasure chests!

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  1. this is a great book! i recomend people and students to read it !

  2. chelsea oneal

    i loved the book but the summery did not match the book\

  3. Victoria

    the summery matched the book perfectly! Loved the book!

  4. For your information it tells you that Mackenzie said” this party rocks because she said she made it happen.”🙄Duh

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