by First Mate Keira

Title: Dragon Flight
Author: Jessica Day George
Format: Hardback
Page Count: 255
Grade Reading Level: 5th-9th Grade

Summary: Luka is in Citatie as an ambassador for Feravel on his father’s behalf when suddenly relations between Feravel and Citatie disintegrate without warning. This is very bad because Citatie has a huge trained dragon army and they’re going to use it to take out Feravel and all who stand in their way. Luckily Creel, the heroine of the First Dragon War, is on Feravel’s side.

Why I started this book:

I started Dragon Flight because I loved Dragon Slippers. It’s the second book in the trilogy and revisits all the same characters from the first novel.


  • Dragon history is expanded and flushed out more as we learn of Shardas’ brother, the silver dragon known as Krashath.
  • For not imagining she would ever write a sequel, Jessica Day George is very consistent when it comes to her characters.
  • The romance between Creel and Luka is sweet and mature. They look out for each other and work well together.
  • Without giving too much away – I loved the setup for the Second Dragon War and I liked its conclusion. Too bad certain humans are a royal pain in the hinny, but I have a feeling this latest development will be expanded upon in the third book.


  • I’m more or less indifferent to Marta, Creel’s friend and business partner in the dressmaker shop. It’s hard to back up as it’s really just a feeling as opposed to anything in the text.

Last Minute Thoughts: Can’t wait to read Dragon Spear, the last in the set.

Buy: Dragon Flight (Dragon Adventures)

Rating: 5 Treasure Chests

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