Reviewed by First Mate Keira

Title: Glimmerglass (Faeriewalker, Book 1)
Author: Jenna Black
Format: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 304 pages
Grade Reading Level: Ages 14 and up

Summary: Dana Hathaway wants to be normal, but with an alcoholic mother, she’s in constant fear of discovery or humiliation. Her dad is someone to avoid according to her mother, but after one incident at school, Dana’s had enough. She tracks her father down across the ocean and books herself a flight. But the grass isn’t always greener. Turns out, Avalon is a midway point between faerie and mortal worlds. Her father is a bigwig and Dana is special, she’s a Faeriewalker, someone who can walk both worlds and that means she’s in big trouble! Because many people are interested in wielding her abilities like a weapon and would do anything to get their hands on her.

Why I started this book:

Looked cool at the library so I picked it up.


  • There’s a lot of wit in the book, making Dana’s voice stand out.
  • I like that Dana gets herself out of a bad home life. I also like that she doesn’t put up with Ethan’s crap and his not cool “mood altering” magic he pulls on her. He’ll never make that mistake twice!
  • Kimber, Ethan’s sister, isn’t bad to have around either. She’s the smart, but unloved offspring. Though it’s more tell then show about that. She doesn’t want to see Dana hurt by her brother.
  • Finn, Dana’s fae Knight bodyguard, is awesome. I was sad to see him get caught in a situation where he was nearly beaten to death, but he handled it well.


  • Ethan is a hot fae boy and pretty strong magically. I’m glad he wasn’t written completely out of the picture due to his player behavior. On the whole I like him, but I’m worried by a few of his “courting” moves. Another of which was trying to impress Dana by setting up an attack on her wherein he could come to her rescue.
  • Keane, Finn’s son, and a typical bad boy. He’s training Dana to defend herself (who knows why Finn couldn’t do that), but he’s got a chip on his shoulder.


  • Crazy Aunt Grace is dumber than a post. Subtle much? She overplays her hand all the time.
  • Dana runs around in strange dark tunnels and is surprised she gets lost? What makes it dumber is that there are people trying to kill or capture her! She’s also unreasonable about things that keep her safe which is annoying.
  • Some crude language, and also a creature made out of sticks and sharpened knives that hurts a random boy from early on in the book with a glossed over penis reference.

Buy: Glimmerglass (Faeriewalker, Book 1)

Rating: 3.5 Treasure Chests

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