Review: Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins


by Second Mate Embry, guest reviewer

Title: Gregor the Overlander
Author: Suzanne Collins
Page Count: 320 pages
Format: Paperback
Grade Reading Level: Ages 9-12

Summary: Gregor is an 11 year old boy that lives in an apartment building in New York City. His father has been missing for over two years and his mother is struggling to  work a full time job while raising Gregor, his two sisters and take care of his semi-delusional grandmother. When Gregor takes his two year old sister, Boots, to the laundry room to wash their clothes, she falls down  a grate. Gregor falls after her and lands in the Underworld. A confusing prophecy is revealed where he is supposedly  a warrior. Gregor leads a quest to find his father when hints that of his presence reach him. Will Gregor find his father and escape the odd Underworld?

Why did you read the book:

I read this book because it was an assignment in class for my reading teacher. We got to pick our top three books out of five and I had heard great things about it.


  • I was nearly always on the edge of my seat. Very suspenseful.
  • I particularly liked that character Boots because, she’s carefree and doesn’t hold back her emotions considering she’s two years old.
  • I like this book because, it’s from Gregor’s point of view. Also he is 11 too so I can relate to him plus he has younger siblings and I do too.


  • I think this book needed a little more action in parts because they weren’t doing a lot.

Buy: Gregor The Overlander (Underland Chronicles)

Book Rating: I give this book 4 treasure chests! I say this because, it was a good start to the five book series. I will defiantly be reading the rest of the series. How about you?

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  1. Nice review! Good work.

  2. I liked the fact that I read this book as an audio book. I got through it while doing other things, I read it faster than I would have as a regular book, and I enjoyed the narrator very much! Go Paul Boehmer!

    I also liked how this book had that “Alice in Wonderlandish” incident. Gregor mysteriously falls through a grate in the laundry room. Like Alice fell in a rabbit hole.

    I didn’t particularly like the whole giant rats and cockroaches it was just gross! Ew!

    I loved this book and would give it 4 treasure chests!

  3. Jacob Hester

    I read the series and loved it. I think Suzanne Collins should
    make more. There are questions that need to be answered
    for instance Does Gregor’s family to Virginia? Does Gregor go back to the Underland?

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