Review: Iron Queen (Iron Fey, Book 3) by Julie Kagawa


By First Mate Keira

Title: Iron Queen
Author: Julie Kagawa
Format: Kindle ebook
Page Count: 368 (paperback)
Grade Reading Level: Grade 7+

Summary: Meghan and Ash have been banished. Puck follows the couple and is banished also. The false Iron King still sits on the throne and the Summer and Winter Courts need a champion. They need someone who can enter the heart of the Iron Kingdom and not get poisoned… that person is Meghan and to get her to do it Oberon and Mab must do something they’ve never done before… unbanish the trio!

Why I started this book:

Julie Kagawa is unputdownable! Iron Fey Series for the win. As a side note, this series should be read in order even though Julie does an excellent job refreshing readers.


  • The Iron Spider Ladies. Those hags are pretty scary. Good thing Ash was there to help!
  • Grimalkin is one sexy fey. He’s so dry witted. He’s lucky to be a cat because I doubt his poker face would translate so well on a human countenance.
  • Ash becoming Meghan’s Knight! Mab was so mad when she found out.
  • Puck’s loyalty even when he’s not the chosen love interest. He’s there to help. Sometimes grudgingly but he’s there and this time he makes it into the Iron Realm.
  • Razor the Gremlin. He’s so cute and his behavior so obnoxious (to those that get in his/Meghan’s way) it’s hilarious.
  • How Meghan saves the day in the end. Clever. Power-flipping. Sad. I can’t say more without giving it away but it rocked.


  • Puck pouting and getting a little mean because Meghan didn’t choose him. He shapes up well enough but his little asides are more cruel and less funny.
  • Ash’s brother Rowan is a complete fool to think a constant poisoning will turn him into an Iron Fey. He’s also a bit of a perverted wannabe rapist. He wants Meghan because he knows it would hurt Ash and I just don’t get people like this… I’m seriously glad nothing untoward happened to our heroine or I’d be very upset. Too bad I know he’s going to crop up again. Blech.

Last Minute Thoughts: Just because this is the conclusion of Meghan’s tale, does not mean it’s the end of the story. The next book, Iron Knight, in the series will be told from Ash’s POV. Hurray! I can’t wait. Does a little dance.

Buy: The Iron Queen (Harlequin Teen)

Rating: 4.5 Treasure Chests

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  1. Noella Lapierre

    I love the story line of all the books but book 3 I did not like the ending. I don’t like that meghan and Ash separated. It was quiet sad.

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