Reviewed by Tavern Wench Maisie

Title: Lost in the Bayou
Author: Cornell De Ville
Format: E-Book
Page Count: 187 pages
Grade Reading Level: Ages 12-14

Synopsis: People were warned about the Voodoo Swamp, but no one seems to take any notice. Others have visited and disappeared and left no trace. After a plane lands in the swamp some years ago with her parents inside, Robin Sherwood is hurt and shocked that they were never found. Robin has to escape before her uncle Conrad finds her, so Voodoo Swamp provides her the best ever distraction.

What made me want to read it:

It was recommended to me, yet I had heard about the novel from a friend of mine and it interested me enough to want to review it.

Good points:

  • It has a great introduction that sets the scene for the story and gets the horror element into it with no messing around.
  • It is wonderfully spooky.
  • Gets to the point and takes the reader on a journey they will never forget.
  • Convincing characters.
  • There were plenty of scary and fun moments.
  • Liked the characters, they were perfectly realised in the story.

Bad points:

  • It ended!
  • Wanted to know more spooky things about Voodoo Swamp.
  • Uncle Conrad’s clawed hand!

Last minute thoughts: Would love to see a second novel to this one come out with more about the previous victims of the Voodoo Swamp, and any more who decide to be foolish enough to wander into that kind of dangerous territory.

Lost in the Bayou

Rating: 4.5 Treasure Chests