revenge homecoming queen

Publisher’s Summary: All that matters is what’s inside…as long as there’s a tiara on the outside.

The flawless Aspen Brooks was born to be Homecoming Queen. Naturally she’s dating the most popular guy in school, and she’s blessed with stunning good looks, excellent style, and mega brains. She’s got the crown in the bag.

So why is the tiara being placed on the skanky head of cheerleader Angel Ives? The confusion only grows after ultra-dork Rand Bachrach is crowned king. To Aspen’s shock and horror, Angel actually accuses her of being behind this. Whatevs!

But then something goes terribly, terribly wrong. Strange things start happening–even stranger than Angel beating Aspen. Now someone’s leaving her threatening messages and slashing her tires. She’s sure it’s that beyotch Angel doing these things. And if Angel wants war, by Dooney & Bourke she’ll get one.

Review: Love the cover. It grabbed me from the first time I saw it.

Aspen starts off as an egocentric Mean Girl. In a word she’s narcissistic. What works though is that Aspen isn’t cruel, but she’s just delusional. When she loses the tiara, it’s the start of a series of chain events that open Aspen’s eyes to the fact that there’s more to life than being popular, looking good, and winning a crown.

Along the way she falls for Rand (although it’s hard to believe at first he crushed on her long before she started to change into a sensible-ish person.) Rand is the dork who turns into a stud overnight to exact his revenge. It was a petty kind of revenge, but it gave the romance a bit more drama. Aspen needs to now prove to Rand she liked him before he became mega-hot.

The only thing I can’t understand is why she’s friends with her kidnapper later. That doesn’t make a lick of sense. Sorry.

Overall if Aspen was just slightly less snobby this would have been a higher rating for me. It’s got some great humor. I’d be interested in reading the second book.


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