Reviewed by First Mate Keira

Title: Sirensong (Faeriewalker, Book 3)
Author: Jenna Black
Format: Digital Ebook
Page Count: 320 pages
Grade Reading Level: Ages 12 and up

Summary: When Queen Titania demands Dana be presented at court, it can only be bad, but good manners make it impossible to refuse. The whole gang goes: Dana, her father, Ethan, Kimber, Keane, Finn… and the Erlking! Disaster strikes right away, but luckily Dana escapes unscathed… but her growing power unnerves the Erlking. It is possible she could destroy him where others have failed. She’s dangerous to faery and once the Seelie Queen knows her new power, Dana is as good as dead.

Why I started this book:

The Erlking from Shadowspell. Enough said.


  • The Erlking still. It’s clear he’s on a mission to steal himself some faeriewalker magic, but maybe there’s some genuine interest too? After all when most of the faerie world fears you, it’s kind of hot for a girl to walk up to you and sass you.
  • Dana giving the tree lady the sacrifice. That whole scene was vivid and awesome. Glad to see it came in handy later too.
  • Ethan and Keane fighting. Funny. Sexy.
  • Dana, Queen Titania and the Erlking’s showdown at the end of the book. Way awesome.


  • I’m equally sad and happy to see the bargain between Dana and the Erlking morph into a new one. Perhaps he wants to focus on the new fariewalker in order to give Dana time to sleep with Ethan before he sweeps back into the picture? That way they could be together with few repercussions. I like that scenario. Let’s do that Jenna Black!


  • When Keane goes after Kimber, Ethan’s sister, to get back at Ethan. Why does Kimber put up with it? Even if part of it is also getting back at Dana for “lying” to her. It works out well in getting rid of the extraneous guy for Dana’s affections but it was clumsy and made Keane into someone fickle and Kimber into someone desperate.
  • Kimber’s tantrum that Dana kept secrets. Oh gee. I wonder why? Secrets were kept until someone figured them out, nothing personal.
  • Like Aunt Grace, Henry is so obvious as a bad guy.
  • Why did the Erlking have to be sleeping with the queen? Humph.

Last Minute Thoughts: Has anyone heard of a forth book? Seriously. I must know!

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Rating: 4 Treasure Chests