ninja librariansPublisher’s Summary: Group age: MG (10-14)

Just a little story about your average sword-swinging, karate-chopping, crime-fighting ninja librarians

Dorrie Barnes had no idea an overdue library book would change her life. When Dorrie and her brother Marcus chase her pet mongoose into the janitor’s closet of their local library, they accidentally fall through a passage into Petrarch’s Library -the headquarters of a secret society of ninja librarians who have an important mission: protect those whose words have gotten them into trouble. Anywhere in the world and at any time in history.

Dorrie would love nothing more than to join the society. But when a traitor surfaces, she and her friends are the prime suspects. Can they clear their names before the only passage back to the twenty-first century closes forever?

Review: I saw this at the library and had to pick it up. I want to be a ninja librarian! I could rock it. Anyway, sorry to say every time I picked the book up to read it I fell asleep on it within twenty minutes. At first I thought it was because I was tired, but even switching when I read the book didn’t change the outcome as I kept disengaging to sleep. I liked Dorrie and the library well enough, she provides a lot of humor to the story, but I couldn’t remember the rest of the characters from one page to the next. Favorite scene – Dorrie hiding in the vase in her aunt’s living room.

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