Reviewed by First Mate Keira

Title: The Amaranth Enchantment
Author: Julie Berry
Format: Hardback
Page Count: 336 pages
Grade Reading Level: Ages 10 and up

Summary: Lucinda Chapdelaine is an orphan living with her cruel aunt and uncle, working as a servant and shop helper to earn her keep. A visitor to their jewelry store looking to get her large and unusual stone reset. Lucinda is told to return the jewel when her aunt is convinced the stranger was the Amaranth Witch, but Lucinda doesn’t return it and when a thief seeks sanctuary in her bedroom he steals it… and the adventure begins.

Why I started this book:

It looked like a retelling of Cinderella – wealthy family, orphaned, cruel relatives, servitude, handsome prince, happily ever after.


  • Peter, thief. Cocky. Mysterious. He could have been a great romantic lead.
  • Lucinda, heroine. Mousy. Strong. Lots of embarrassing moments.
  • Gregor, prince. Handsome. Sweet. Does he follow his heart or his crown?
  • Dog, the goat. Kicks butt.


  • Beryl, the witch. She’s not evil, but she’s an alien. Yup. Alien.
  • Criminals from this alien world are sent to Earth with a keeper to mind them… because you know, sending a bad person to a populace unable to handle said person’s magical gifts sounds like a good idea.
  • The ending isn’t neat or tidy and leaves many unanswered questions in terms of the aliens.

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Rating: 2 Treasure Chests

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