By First Mate Keira

Title: The City of Ember (The Books of Ember, Book 1)
Author: Jeanne DuPrau
Format: Digital ebook
Page Count: 270 pages
Grade Reading Level: Ages 9-12

Summary: Once upon a time The City of Ember was built by mankind deep underground to save the human race from the brink of destruction. They populated the city with old caretakers and babies to protect the children from mankind’s loss. They stocked the city with enough supplies and food for 200 years and they also created a way to get out and passed that information onto the mayors, but over time the information got lost and now Ember is on the brink of destruction and it’s up to 2 kids to save the city.

Why I started this book:

I freaking love the movie City of Ember!


  • The concept and idea of a city underground, running out of supplies, and nobody knowing how to make it better.
  • That a lot of words like “treetops” and “sky” are not understood anymore because the Emberites don’t have any idea what they were. The library does not explain them because the Builders would not have wanted the descendents feel bad about stuff like that and the authors (the old caretakers) didn’t think there’d ever be anyone who didn’t know.
  • Lina and Doon! I definitely ship them. 🙂 They should date, get married and have babies.


  • Not as good as the movie, see why below:

Last Minute Thoughts: I saw the City of Ember movie before realizing it was a book series and I actually love the movie better than the book. The movie was more dramatic and real, with lots of focus on Ember’s destruction. The book is kind of muted in comparison, it’s brought up but it’s not nearly as dire sounding as the way the movie portrayed the shortage of everything and the movie also gives more hints of a nuclear destruction from the time of the Builders with Doon and Lina coming across giant sized animals including a beetle, a moth, and a giant scary mole! Also the parents in the movie had tried to escape themselves and saw signs of the city deteriorating which added drama but the book did not have that element.

Buy: The City of Ember (The First Book of Ember)

Buy: City of Ember (movie)

Rating: 3.5 Treasure Chests

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