kid who ran for prez

by Second Mate Embry, guest reviewer

Title: The Kid Who Ran for President
Author: Dan Gutman
Format: Paperback
# of pages: 155
Grade Reading Level: 5.4, 6-8 grade

Summary: Judson Moon and Lane Brainard decided that they’ve had enough of adult decisions. They believe that a kid should have a shot at being the president of the United States. They get their campaign rolling and soon Judson Moon is on the ballot for being the next president of the United States. Will he become president? Or will he fail?

Why I Started the Book:

I remembered a few years ago my teacher assigned this book for me to read and that I enjoyed it a lot. So when I came across it again I thought I would reread it.


  • I love the concept of a kid running for president! I wish that kids had the right to vote and run for president. Go kids!
  • Eventually Judson gets sick of running for president and during a national debate between the runners he comes up with juvenile answers such as – Q: “How do you feel about school prayer?” A: “Every morning I pray school will be closed.” and Q: “Which president do you admire most and why?” A: “Grover Cleveland because, he became president despite the fact he was named after a character from sesame street.” It was very funny!


  • Throughout the book I thought that Judson should have listened to Lane more than he did. It would have been wiser.

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Book Rating: I give this book 4.5 treasure chests!