Reviewed by First Mate Keira

Title: The Selection (The Selection, Book 1)
Author: Kiera Cass
Format: Hardback
Page Count: 336 pages
Grade Reading Level: Ages 13 and up

Summary: After the forth world war, the country of Illea was founded on the remnants of the United States (though feasibly all of North America, it’s kind of hard to tell… cause you know, history books are banned, and I know some of you are thinking, YES!) The daughters of the new monarchy are married into royalty of other countries, while the sons go through a public Selection process ala the The Bachelor. Our heroine, America Singer, is 1 of 35 girls Selected to go to the palace to meet Prince Maxon. Unlike the other girls, America is already in love with someone else… Meanwhile, rebels from the north and south attack the palace regularly, it seems like they’re looking for something, but then they can be violent.

My First Impressions: Cinderella!

Why I started this book:

I saw this book pop up on my Amazon recommendations because of Hunger Games and wow! Good pick Amazon!


  • America Singer as a heroine name. I have to wonder though how it was allowed considering “America’s reputation was damaged.” Details are sketchy because there’s no history books; it’s all oral history and only what your family remembers.
  • Prince Maxon – Aspen – gosh, who to choose? I’m going to pick the guy who didn’t dump “me” because of pride. Prince Maxon all the way! I hope he gets over his “My Dears” and uses something more like “Mer.”


  • I kind of need a world map with the new countries drawn on it because I’m not really getting the boundaries.
  • It’s hard to picture Illea as America because it’s so un-American with caste systems, poverty on a third world country, restrictive jobs, and the monarchy. So I prefer to think of it as some fantasy world.


  • More dates with Maxon!

Quote 1: “I’m not so stupid as to believe that you’ve completely forgotten about your former boyfriend. I know you think there are others here more suited for me and this life, and I wouldn’t want you to rush into trying to be happy with any of this. I just…I just want to know if it’s possible…”

Quote 2: I wrapped my arms around him, resting my head against his chest. Maxon seemed both comforted and surprised by the gesture. I took only a second for him to wrap his arms securely around me. “Maxon, I’m not completely sure what we are, but we’re definitely more than friends.”

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Rating: 4 Treasure Chests

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