Save Money on Your Next Date Night


Experts suggest going out on regular dates with your spouse to keep that spark alive and stay in touch emotionally. While this idea looks great on paper, it can also put your finances in a bind. Eating out is expensive, and even a simple trip to the movies can cost more than $40. However, there are ways to enjoy your romantic date night without the big bill.

Wait and Catch Movies on Video

While there are some movies that are best seen on the big screen, many others are perfectly suited to the smaller screen at home. If you are in the mood for a romance or comedy, then watch one at home on your next date night. You can make delicious popcorn on the stove and then snuggle up on the couch. You’ll save money, and you’ll both enjoy the more intimate setting more.

Take in a Little Culture

If you live near a large city, then you have wonderful cultural activities just moments away. Visit the local history museum, or make a day of it and go tour the zoo. Whether you head to the Riverfront in New Orleans, take in outdoor concerts in Indianapolis or walk along the historic streets of Boston, a date mixed with cultural attractions is affordable and interesting.

Campfire Television

As the weather turns cool and thoughts turn to the coming winter, schedule a private camping trip for two. You don’t have to go far because your own backyard will work beautifully. Pitch the tent and prepare to sleep out under the stars. Kick the festivities off with a backyard campfire in a small firepit and roast marshmallows for a whimsical addition.

Dine In the Easy Way

Your favorite part of date night may be heading to the restaurant and avoiding the kitchen. Unfortunately, restaurant meals can easily cost you more than $40. You can order your favorite dishes in for a fraction of the price. Light candles on the table, turn on romantic music and enjoy the wonderful ambiance of your own home. You won’t have to cook anything, but you also won’t dread paying the bill.

Go for a Drive

Hop in the car, put a picnic basket with snacks in the back and take a drive. Head to the local Lover’s Lane or a scenic overlook. Your date night will be a smashing hit when the two of you are able to focus on each other with minimal distractions. If you time the drive right, you can even watch the sun sink down into the trees as you listen to the night come to life around you.

When it comes to date night, you don’t have to spend a small fortune to have a great time. The main focus of date night isn’t what you do; it’s that you do something enjoyable together. It doesn’t matter if you watch movies at the house, take a picnic in the park or enjoy the local culture. Taking the time to enjoy the activities together will allow you to reconnect as a couple, and that will strengthen your marriage.

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