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Movie Review: Eclipse directed by David Slade

by Captain Lyaf Yarr Title: Eclipse Director: David Slade Run Time: 124 Rated: PG-13 Summary: Victoria’s back! But she’s not alone. She’s creating an army of newborns to…

Audio Review: Eclipse (Twilight, Book 3) by Stephenie Meyer

by Captain Lyaf Yarr Title: Eclipse Author: Stephenie Meyer Format: Audio Narrator: Ilyana Kadushin # CD’s + Minutes: 13 Cd’s (16 hours and 23 minutes) Grade Reading Level:…

What is the Little Mermaid Syndrome?

*This post does not deal with the medical condition; it deals with the literary condition. The Little Mermaid Syndrome is the desire to be part of another’s world….

Twilight Eclipse Movie Party Ideas: Activities, Games, and Favors

by First Mate Keira Are you throwing together a Twilight Eclipse Movie Party? Are you looking for party ideas? Look no further for fun and entertaining activities, games,…

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