The Best Highlander Romance Novels

What are they? I know this is pretty subjective and that personal tastes vary greatly, but I am pretty positive we can come up with a list of ones to recommend between us. Personally, my history with Highlander is brief. I only started to read them since the beginning of this year. While my love affair with them has been a short one, it has certainly developed into a strong preference.

Of the ones I’ve read in the past year I would recommend the following as my top five:

Highland Barbarian by Hannah Howell

Some Like it Wicked by Teresa Medeiros

Highlander in Love by Julia London

The Bride by Julie Garwood

Highland Hearts by Hannah Howell

But there are many more authors and titles out there for us to read. What have you read that you would recommend as one of the best Highlander romances? I’m very curious – I must stock up and get them to read for myself!

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  1. I would recomment any of the Highlander books by Karen Marie Moning! She is one of the best I think. All her books connect together so every time you pick one up you are continuing the story. Very addicting!

  2. Cynthia

    Another good author is Diana Gabaldon. She has 7 books out so far, and is working on an 8th.

  3. Haven’t seen a comment in a while, but I wanted to share my newest find. BTW, I appreciate the tips on who to read when I’m looking for my next books. I used to read them years ago…many years ago. I picked up one a few weeks past and haven’t put one down since. I’d forgotten how great they make you feel. Anyway – Maya Banks. She has three highlander books that are great. If you also like some comtemporary – her KGI one wasn’t bad…not overenthused about getting the others — but if I run out of highlander…yep.

  4. best highlander romance read recently was maya banks series..
    read them in order and you wont want to stop….

  5. hi can you please help me with a novel..i read it a long time ago and canr seem to remember its name nor author..its about a laird marrying and englishwoman i think…he is laird over two clans who recently formed one clan…the clan member make the girl follow the days on which she can wear the particular clan plaid…and one day the feamle laed stitches the two plaids together to satisfy everyone…ill be greatfull if someone can help me…

    • Kendell

      Ana-the book is The Secret by Julie Garwood. Great book as almost all of them are!

  6. I am hoping you can help me. I read a book a long time ago that was set in Edinburgh in the beginning with the lead character watching the return of Mary Queen of Scots while her father who was a tutor/teacher is dying. she meets a Laird (Lord) who she later develops an intimate relationship with but does not marry. she however is forced to marry another outlaw/rogue highlander who had turned a pirate. it is a great book that goes all over the place from edinburgh, to london, to the highlands. i loved it but do not know the author’s name or the title and over many moves over the years have lost the book. Any clue as to this book. I have been searching online to no avail.

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