The Man the Heroine Abandons and Why

Guest blog by Sandra Scholes

You’ve read about these poor schmucks in countless romance novels. You know the ones. The man who the heroine has been dating for a while before the new beau comes into her life. She had an interest in him before the hero came along, but now she doesn’t, let’s call him Mr Yesterday and he won’t do so she opts for Mr Today instead.

I know in the novels Mr Yesterday can be a bad guy who didn’t deserve her, or treat her bad in some way. Maybe he cheated on her a few times, and she tolerated him for a while, and then got wise to his indiscretions, or he beat her or verbally abused her, but not all men are the same, and not all do. The heroine decides for whatever reason to go for Mr Today as he seems to have all the qualities she is looking for in a man.

In some cases, in romance novels, not all goes so well with Mr Today as he might not be what she is looking for (there can be a twist in the story) and it can lead the heroine to thinking she had made a mistake somewhere along the way and goes back to Mr Yesterday. Do you see those romances often?

Have read any novels with a Mr Yesterday and a Mr Today? Who would you pick if you had a choice?

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  1. I don’t often read a romance where the heroine goes from Mr Yesterday to Mr Today back to Mr Yesterday. Have you read any yourself that you like?

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