The Top 10 Hero Types:


Who is the ultimate hero in your books?

  1. Bad Boy Hero:

The Bad Boy hero is in a league of his own. More heroines and readers/viewers have fallen for the Bad Boy than any other hero. He is the ultimate rebel: mysterious, seemingly indifferent, and hard to get. He starts off behaving badly and unrepentant. His inner good is revealed however by the end of the novel due to actions of the heroine or circumstances that force the Bad Boy to become the knight in shining armor.

  1. Alpha Hero:

Oh the Alpha Hero… how we love to hate and adore him. The innate leader in any situation, all look up to him and want to be him. He’s cool, confident, steady, strong, and sure. His ultimate role, I’ve noticed, is to take care of the heroine.

  1. Brooding Hero:

Our poor tortured lonely Brooding Hero, how we love to torment him! Aloof, angry, wounded, and ultimately one of the most vulnerable heroes out there, the Brooding Hero has captured the most hearts in very recent history with Angel and Edward Cullen. (The Brooding Hero is a perfect foil for the Paranormal Hero.)

  1. Rogue Hero:

The Rogue, who by any other time period outside of Regency, is a promiscuous cad in need of a physical. Utterly charming, completely dashing, and carelessly carefree about life and love, the Rogue is ready to live life to the fullest. Commitment is not a word in his vocabulary until the heroine sweeps into his sphere of influence.

  1. Nerd Hero:

Another name for the Nerd Hero is the Beta Hero. He’s kind, sweet, and decent. He’s the best friend or the slightly awkward gentleman. The Nerd Hero almost always meets his full potential because of the heroine. He rises to the occasion… in more ways than one!

  1. Tycoon Hero:

This hero type literally litters Harlequin presents. He can be a millionaire, billionaire, prince, sheik, or wealthy boss. Ninety percent of the time the Tycoon starts out isolated and jaded in the novel only to wind up happy and easygoing by the end.

  1. Protector Hero:

The Protector Hero comes in many disguises and professions, most are obvious, but some not so much. You can find him playing the role of a cop, firefighter, spy, detective, bodyguard, part of the military, etc. The plot behind many Protector Hero stories involves a mystery where he almost loses the heroine while trying to save her.

  1. Daredevil Hero:

Pirates and superheroes compose the majority of the Daredevil Heroes. They love action, they love fights, and they love thrills. Give them a damsel in distress and they’re all over that like white on rice.

  1. Warrior Hero:

The Warrior Hero, funnily enough is a very reluctant hero. He thinks himself above it all. His mission in life is to fight and protect his home, his country, and his men. Then a woman gets thrown into the mix all kinds of chaos and havoc ensure and he fights it every step of the way only to get conquered by the heroine.

  1. Paranormal Hero:

Oh yes, the Paranormal Hero, when a normal man just won’t cut it the Paranormal Hero steps in prepared to win hearts and steal our very souls. He oozes sex with his otherworldly good looks and quickens our imagination with images of the extraordinary. Call him a vampire, a wizard, a lycanthrope, or any other kind of superhuman being it’s all the same to him.

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  1. Looks like I’m the only one who goes for the nerds! I just can’t help it, I love when a sweet caring guy gets the girl.

  2. I want them all wrapped up in one — except possibly the paranormal. It’s OK to read about them, but I’m not sure I’d want to be face to face with one in RL.

  3. Susan S.

    (ROFL)Promiscuous cad in need of physical, too funny.
    Actually, I’ll take the paranormal hero anyday. The type that’ll have you give up your life, soul ,and your heart with just one look into those dark green hypnotizing eyes. Brooding falls in #2 & my 3rd hero type is the bad boy:)

  4. Karin, a paranormal hero couldn’t be any worse than some of the creeps I’ve come across throughout the years. LOL Seriously, one guy knew I liked reading paranormal books so he actually said he was a vampire. Wow, the things some men will say to…well, it didn’t work! ROFL

  5. I’m a big fan of paranormal, brooding, and then daredevil. upon reflection Indian Jones and similar heroes fit under daredevil too. 😉

  6. Where do the really smart heroes fit? Like Sherlock Holmes, Ian Thornton, Roark from the In Death series or Francis Crawford of Lymond? They’re simply too smart to be called Nerds. The name is almost an insult. Nerds are the sort of heroes that run companies and develop software. Not these geniuses.

    Also, while we’re nit-picking the classifications, the military is listed in both the Protector and Warrior hero classes.

    But all in all, a useful list.

  7. And the paranormal hero steaks ahead of the pack.

    I think this is more a reflection of the fact that paranormal romance and urban fantasy is outselling most other categories these days, not that paranormal heroes win hearts easier than other heroes. If you consider just how whacked out some paranormal heroes can be, that’s quite a compliment.

    But yeah for paranormal!


  8. This is an excellent top ten list. I like the Nerd Hero the best, I guess because I see myself in that role. Definitely nerdy but also able to do extraordinary things to save the day.

  9. You’ve just got to swoon when a good-bad boy comes along. He’s sometimes even a paranormal creature that doesn’t want to be what he is. And in the paranormal hero often shelters a brooding hero. So I like those three wrapped in one.

  10. I’ll pick the brooding type any day of the week. 🙂 Love those tortured souls!

  11. Tortured, wounded, scarred, scowling, brooding, grumpy, and all yummy!

  12. I’d give thought to the idea of frolicking around with a bad boy, but in settling down I’d sensibly pick the nerd guy, unless the bad boy proves to be worth the trouble.

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