The Vengeful by Chantel Fourie

Writer’s block and worldly distractions:

I’m probably the wrong person to be asked about writer’s block, because I’m one of those lucky people who rarely go through it(Yay me!).My problem, however, is distractions. I get distracted pretty easily. That’s why I had to move all my writing to a Tablet–free from worldly evils. Just the slightest thought of friends playing a game without me, anime updates, chats (ooh, a message *reads*),would get me to minimize or even close my writing documents. As a writer, it’s not easy to stay focused. You get those days when you would do anything not to write–when even cleaning the house sounds like fun (uh, yes, guilty). That’s when you need to prioritize your life and ask yourself how much you really want to be an author.

Now where was I… Oh yes, writer’s block! (See? Distractions are evil!) Even though I don’t get writer’s block as much as many other writers, I know how frustrating it can be. Here’s what I do: I simply write something else. When my mind hits a blank on one scene, I move on to the next project. That’s right. It’s easier having a few ideas than keeping to one story at a time. And what happens to the page I struggle with? Well, normally while I’m busy with another book or doing something else, an idea will suddenly hit me and I’ll jot it down before I forget (or get distracted… ahem).

Here are a few tips from my point of view:

1:            I’m not about to tell you to set a specific time of day to handle all your writing, because let’s face it… There will be days when you are busy and wouldn’t be able to make the exact time. And then it will be so convenient just to skip the writing part for the day entirely. Bad writer, bad! If you want to take writing seriously then you will have to set a daily writing goal for yourself. Set a minimum word limit and write it at your own pace during the day. Stick to it no matter what!  Don’t listen to your deceivious mind telling you of all the awesome things you could rather be doing. Decide now. Do you want your mind to be the hero that help you write or that sneaky villain always plotting to keep you from your goals?

2:            Find something that will motivate you. I have a little to do list RPG on my tablet that rewards me for completing tasks during the day, and takes back experience when skipping them. I’m not a person for routines, but as a gamer, this is kind of fun and a motivational way to see what I get done during the day, at which aspect of my life I’m lacking, and where I’m making progress. What’s your motivation?

3:            Don’t let writer’s block get you down. Keep an open mind. Ideas are everywhere, just waiting for you to discover them.

4:            Read. Never stop reading. As my second language, English isn’t easy to master. But even if it’s your home language(lucky devils), I’m sure you need to work just as hard. Unless you read and learn from others, you will never get better.

5:            When all else fails… Just sit down and get started. That’s the hardest part, really. Let the words create their own story. Even if it’s just a bunch of random junk, you can always go back and break down the sentences, smooth them out, build them better and more defined, and eventually they will turn into something amazing.(Inspiration from endless world building with George.)


Thank you for reading! Below is a blurb of my novella, The Vengeful. Enjoy!


The Vengeful-200x300In a world where vengeful creatures battle humans, knowing who to trust could be the difference between losing his brother and saving the human race.

When Zack ends up in an alternate dimension and loses his brother to the Vengeful, the last thing he expects is that one of the soul-seeking creatures would save his life.

Vale, a Vengeful with human capabilities, needs his help to retrieve an orb from the last remaining human settlement. In return, he promises to help Zack save his brother and take them back to their own world.

In the settlement, he learns the truth about the Vengeful and the orb’s power. But it is only when he meets Shiro, the human leader, that Zack begins to have doubts. Can he trust Vale to keep his promise, or should he believe Shiro instead?

The fate of the human race rests on his choice.

Buy: The Vengeful


Chantel Fourie is a YA author, specializing in Fantasy and Paranormal fiction. She lives in Despatch, a quiet town in South Africa.

Since a young age, she has treasured books and spent many afternoons at the local library. Even after the librarians suggested the adult section, she kept loyal to the Young Adult shelves.

Her first novella, The Vengeful, is published with Lycaon Press. She is currently working on various short stories and novellas, including the sequel of The Vengeful. When she is not writing, she is most likely absorbed in a world of fiction or playing online computer games with her friends.

You can find her on Twitter @darkwrld1021

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  1. Marie Price

    This post is about the book “The Little Princess” I want to say that the book is MUCH MUCH better than the movie. Disney or who ever was responsible for the movie version ruined the story. If you remember the movie you need to read the original book .Even though in the book she does NOT find her father, it is a Much more beautiful version
    But be sure you get the original book. There seem to be other shorter versions for younger kids. You need to get the original version. ENJOY

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