Review: Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer


I’m devoting four posts to the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer. Consider them the unofficial guide to Twilight. When I first heard about this new teenage vampire romance I was skeptical. This is probably because my favorite vampire/human duos from other fandoms do not work out. For instance, Angel left Buffy after three seasons and then the series creator and writers damn the couple by having Angel say to another female character on his show that she is his whole world. How could he forget Buffy, forget telling her she’s his everything? So I heard about Bella and Edward and nearly snorted in disbelief.

What’s with all the vampire love stories recently? The charm, I think, is in finding that someone who is meant for you, across worlds, across time. You can’t miss them because the one lover has been outside the system, waiting, watching, for you. It is a timelessness that exceeds the usual happily ever afters in most romance stories. It doesn’t last one lifetime, it lasts hundreds; nay, thousands of life times.

I heard Twilight bested Harry Potter in sales, I heard about the movie. I heard that Robert Pattison, who played Cedric Diggory in the fourth movie of Harry Potter was going to be Edward. I remembered that he was a hunk. I decided then that I would try it so I could enter the movie theater knowing the tale. I wasn’t expecting great things, I wasn’t expecting to like the book well enough to finish all five hundred pages. Perhaps I should have. If you are skeptical like I was, I plan to change your mind.

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  1. Robert Pattison played an exceptionally gay Cedric Diggory, lol. The boy isn’t a hunk, at least not to me, but I’m sure he’ll play his completely one dimensional role as well as we expect him to.

    Vampires and women. Ugh, please. Ice men with pointy teeth don’t make great lovers, just saying.

  2. Well that’s because I know you like werewolves more. 😉 What on earth inspired you to pick up the series in the first place when it was about vamps? That would be something interesting to know.

  3. I think it’s some sort of right of passage.

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