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Reviewed by First Mate Keira

Title: Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 1
Author: Stephanie Meyer
Illustrator: Young Kim
Format: Graphic Novel
Page Count: 224 pages
Grade Reading Level: Ages 14+

Summary: Isabella (Bella) Swan leaves sunny Phoenix, Arizona for rainy Forks, Washington. Reserved and a little awkward, Bella doesn’t like being the new girl at Forks High School. When she meets a strange, otherworldly beautiful boy in her class all she wants to do is uncover is dark secret. Just who exactly is Edward Cullen?

Why I started this book:

Read the book series, saw the movies, wanted to see another interpretation of the love story.


  • Young Kim’s renderings are quite beautiful. I particularly love how she draws Bella Swan who is supposed to be plain (in her own eyes at any rate) but filled with quiet beauty.
  • Edward Cullen wasn’t drawn quite how I expected him. I suppose this is because I now equate Edward with Robert Pattinson. At any rate, he wasn’t quite as angular in features as I had wanted. I was thinking sharp, but beautiful.
  • Most of the drawings are in black and white with a few frames in color, usually when merged with altered photography. It would be expensive to print more frames in color, but considering how exceptionally lovely the cover is, I would have preferred more like it in the novel.
  • It’s a quick fast read and I think it’s faithful to the original source material.

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Rating: 3 Treasure Chests

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