Unanswered Harry Potter Question #4: Has Anybody Ever Woken up from the Draught of Living Death?

(This article is humorous, not factual.)

From the Daily Prophet:


The Seven Goblins Rejoice

Orphan teenage girl, Snow White, awoke yesterday evening when kissed by Prince Malfoy. Miss White was poisoned six months ago with a sleeping draught delivered inside an apple by the Hag Nettlewood who worked at The Seven Goblins as a potions brewer.  The sleeping draught in question was a new formula which had not yet gone through the rigorous experimentation required before public presentation.


It appears that Hag Nettlewood acted without consent from her employers when she used the potion to poison Miss White, who was her neighbor and apparently “sang too much” for Nettlewood.

Hag Nettlewood was fired and prosecuted by the Wizengamot to serve two years in Azkaban for malicious use of unknown potions and property theft. Since then The Seven Goblins put much effort into the endeavor of finding a cure for their sleeping draught, which they are calling, “The Draught of Living Death,” because when administered the patient mimics the stillness of death as the body goes in stasis.


The cure, found and administered by Prince Malfoy, who is an Outstanding student of Potions says Hogwarts Potions Professor Huntsman, was completing his Mastery in the subject under the payroll of The Seven Goblins. This is Malfoy’s first new potion. He’s calling it “Wiggenweld Potion” after the wiggens which must be welded to heebie-jeebies in order to counteract the wormwood and asphodel of the “Draught of Living Death.”

It is expected that both potions will be for public consumption soon, after a few more trials are completed and St. Mungo’s approves it for the medical community.

But why was a kiss was required? Check out the my article in this Witch Weekly to find out.

Susan Drawn, freelance journalist and the Teen Heartthrob columnist for Witch Weekly

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