Unanswered Harry Potter Questions – Upcoming LYAF Event

LYAF is going to have a Harry Potter blog event starting June 1, 2011 going to July 15, 2011. We’re going to share humorous answers to a whole host of unanswered Potter questions. If you’d like to contribute please email me at loverompass[at]gmail[dot]com

Here’s a list of our unanswered questions:
(If you don’t have a funny answer, but have a question, drop me an email too.)

  1. What did Dudley see when the Dementors got near him?
  2. What type of shoes does Voldemort wear?
  3. Do unbreakable vows have a time limit?
  4. Has anybody ever woken up from the Draught of Living Death?
  5. Why are Harry Potter’s eyes green? Why does it matter?!
  6. Did Harry ever graduate from Hogwarts?
  7. What is the profession of Harry Potter’s parents?
  8. How many snacks could a snorkack snack if a snorkack could snack snacks?
  9. Did the Flying Motorcycle ever meet the Flying Ford Anglia? What would their babies be?
  10. Why does Dumbledore have a look of triumph on his face after hearing how Voldemort was resurrected in the graveyard?
  11. What’s on the other side of the Veil in the Department of Mysteries? Where did Sirius go?
  12. How did Lily and James Potter thrice defy Voldemort?
  13. Would Sirius be on the Marauders Map if you brought the Veil to Hogwarts?
  14. How did the Bloody Baron get covered in blood?
  15. Why did Aberforth consort with a goat and what did the goat have to say about it?
  16. What kind of hat does Nearly Headless Nick prefer and why?
  17. Why didn’t the basilisk eat the petrified students?
  18. How do you kill a dementor?
  19. What does Voldemort eat after his comeback?
  20. Will Harry ever communicate with Sirius through the Veil with the two way mirrors?
  21. Before book 7 did Voldemort ever meet Grindelwald?
  22. Did anyone ever call Neville the Boy-Who-Also-Lived and how did it affect his self-esteem?
  23. Has Harry Potter ever read a book about himself?
  24. How come everyone found the Potter House after Voldy blew it up? Wouldn’t the area still be under the Fidelus charm?
  25. How did Hogwarts get modern plumbing?
  26. Why doesn’t anyone ever Fidelus charm the secret keeper? Or better yet, why don’t two people ever Fidelus charm each other? If the Potters had done it they would’ve both been hidden forever.
  27. Why couldn’t the Potters do the Fidelus charm themselves? Why have a “friend” do it at all?
  28. If Parseltongue was that easy to fake (Ron book 7), what about Mermish?
  29. Is there a remedial class for writing essays at Hogwarts?

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  1. Snow White woke from the Draught of Living Death! 😀

  2. Oh good one! I like that. 😀

  3. Padfoot

    If Cho Chang was a year older than Harry, why was she still at Hogwarts right before the final battle, during what was supposed to be Harry’s 7th year?

    • Oh good one! I guess it would depend on if Hogwarts held back kids for poor grades – though it would be surprising to see a Ravenclaw held back!

      What I want to know is how does it feel to get a hug from Voldemort? lol

  4. 1. Dudley saw his life. He felt some kind of remorse.
    5. He has his mother’s eyes — read book 7, the Prince’s Tale.
    6. Harry and Ron didn’t graduate. They got jobs as Aurors for being War Heroes. Only Hermione graduated and most likely became Head Girl.

  5. Kathryn

    i have a answer for “does harry ever graduate from hogwarts?” on the harry potter wikia it says that after the second wizarding war ended harry along with ron and hermione took another year at hogwarts to make up for the one they missed and then they graduated. i also have a vauge answer for “what is on the other side of the veil in the department of mysteries? and where did sirius go?” the veil is implied to be the barrier between the world of the living and the world of the dead. it is implied that if you go through the veil and not around you will die and enter the world of the dead and that is sirius went. hope this helps!

    from a harry potter MEGA FAN!!!!!

  6. The bloody baron is covered with blood because he killed Helena Ravenclaw and then himself…if you read book 7 you’d know that wasn’t unanswered. Harry has his mother’s green eyes , Neville wasn’t “the boy who also
    Lived” because Voldemort didn’t try to kill him or “mark him as his equal” and lastly, Dumbledore had that look of triumph when Harry told him what happened in the graveyard because Voldemort took Harry’s blood, and Dumbledore says in book 7 that he had guessed that this would strengthen the protection Harry’s mother gave him when she died for him, and tether Harry to life while Voldemort still lived, thus enabling Harry to let Voldemort kill him and not die, but only lose the piece of Voldemort’s soul (Horcrux) that was attached to him.

  7. answer to #20
    according to harry potter wikia harry wont be able to communicate with harry because he didnt have the other mirror with him when he died.
    answer to #22
    oh well no one called him that but his accidental magic occured very early thats why augusta and other people in wizarding world mistook him as a squib well about his self esteem ive no answer for that but i think both harry and neville sufferd self esteem problems because they’ve no parents to guide them though they’ve both relatives that took care of em raised by parents is still different 🙂
    from shipper of harry and daphne fanfics :))) <3

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