Vampires vs. Werewolves: Does Size Matter?


I bet that headline caught your attention! This post started innocently enough in the comments of The Smell of a Hero.

Susan said:

In my world everyone’s fang obsessed (lol) I’d say werewolves would also use fangs since wolves have large canines. (No claws) he-he.

I said:

They do have large canines. I think that should be a post – comparison of vampire and werewolf canines: Does Size Matter?

Susan goes on to note in an email:

…vampire fangs are thinner, when I think werewolves I think thicker (cough, cough).

Oh dear! What have we started? The battle between vampires and werewolves has begun. Will paranormal ever be the same? Probably, but let’s pretend otherwise…


Does size matter in paranormal?

When we think of heroes in paranormal romances we know a few basic facts. Nearly always, the hero is the alpha male whether it is in a vampire kiss or of a werewolf pack. Usually, the heroine is kick-ass. Additionally, she is also somehow forbidden to the hero. Rarely do we see a heroine go for the beta or lesser male in a paranormal. So that brings us to the question does size matter? I say it does.

In two book series that I’ve read, the vampire has won the girl in the end. The first is in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series where Jean-Claude muscles out Richard Zeeman. Granted, the series evolves and Zeeman comes back into the picture, along with a few dozen other men. The second is The Twilight Saga with Bella clinging to Edward Cullen and choosing him over Jacob Black.

With the second series we’ll never know the characters respective sizes, but in Hamilton’s world alpha lycanthropes are so far very well endowed and have the added benefit of being able to control that part of their anatomy… ie make it even bigger. Β I imagine using that ability might be used in male to male posturing, as for lovemaking… a girl can only hold so much.

But back to the canines, and not err… other equipment. Which species of nighttime heroes has the bigger bite (allure)?

Vampire heroes are elegant, sophisticated, and mysterious. Their beauty is just one of their allures. Do not for one moment think their charming façade equates to being a pansy. Oh no, vampire heroes are known for their volatile mood swings, strength, and deadly control.

teethWerewolf heroes are overtly masculine, muscled, and alpha. Their outer strength is coupled with inner sensitivity. They are the leaders for their packs and must take care of every member. It is a task that burdens them heavily at times, especially when youngsters are determined to run a foul.

If you had to turn…who would you choose to turn you?

Answer the poll below and leave a comment!

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The rest is as they say is all in the fang.

Photo Credits: Hare Guizer

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  1. Necrophilia or bestiality–what a choice! πŸ˜‰

  2. I voted for the vampire to turn me, but I have to say that if I had to choose one of them to be my sweetie, I’d really rather be like Anita and have both!

  3. I’m voting vampires only because the hairyness of being a werewolf would get to me. πŸ˜›

  4. Um…when put like that, Kat…! I think I have to go werewolf. No digging out of graves there. But it was a toss up!

  5. Susan

    Vampires for me! After dying & being reborn they are seen as forbidden (a sexy male pandora’s box) if you will. There’s also the bite; it’s portrayed as sexually erotic. If I was going to be bit, I’d go with forbidden, sexually erotic, thinner fangs, teeth going straight in.
    Favorite vamps:Lynsay Sands “Mortimer” from “The Rogue Hunter” ,Eric from the House of Night series from the Cast’s , Jasper from Meyer’s Twilight series & Damon from “The Vampire Diaries” by L.J. Smith.

  6. I’m on the side of vampires myself. The hair and pack structure would bug the crap out of me after a time. Additionally, I think, that if a man can lick his own balls, why would he ever change back? I think of werewolves being like Will Farrell in that SNL skit of a yoga man getting down there… and 85 years later is still there… lol

  7. Have to go with vampires. As a paranormal author, they’re my favorite subject. My vampires are noble and heroic and oh so…sexy. I’ll be blogging about vampire anatomy on June 16 at Fang-tastic Books. Come join the discussion. The big question is: Do vampires have hearts?

  8. I guess the transformation of a man into a werewolf is something of a kind. It is also fascinating to see the wants of a man change into the wants of a werewolf.

  9. I like that too, but I also like it when the man overcomes the beast.

  10. Werewolves for me thanks. I find vampires to be creepy and scary.

  11. I am not big on hairy men, so I would take the cold dead guy. But both have big teeth that could tear you apart… decisions, decisions…

  12. I think werewolves are all about instinct and raw emotion and I think that is similar to passion. I find them sexy and it I had to choose then I would go werewolf. They are dangerous and look more frightening and powerful.

  13. Vampire crep me out. All the ones I’ve seen are horrible emaciated and pale. They look sick. I could never find a vampire attractive.

    By the way, part of the werewolf curse is imortality, so you don’t have to be a vampire to live forever.

    Trust me, being a vampire BITES and SUCKS.

  14. well, I will have to help out the shifters here! something about a guy having an inner animal is very sexy to me πŸ˜‰

  15. The shifters don’t need help! They’re beating the vampires. lol πŸ™‚

  16. They’re both hot, but I gotta vote for the vamps. πŸ˜‰ I’m just not cut out to turn into a wolf. Though, nothing says once you GET turned you can;t branch out and make some “friends” from the other side. heh-heh.

  17. Bonnie Mutchler

    Vampires every time, though these younger and newer werewolves are getting delightfully tempting…no, no, I’ll stick with my vamps!!

  18. Love the title of your blog! It’s a hard choice- no pun intended! But I went with the vampire- the whole eternal love thing! Jordan

  19. Vampire for me. However, I wrote a book series where a girl has a double curse. She is a Vampire by Day and a Werewolf by night. :-).

  20. Sandra

    Vianka, I love that idea – I’m afraid I like both and would have to have at least one vampire and one werewolf in the house just to appreciate the Twilight aspect of it! πŸ™‚

  21. Steersky

    Technically, it would only be considered bestiality if you have sex with a werewolf in beast form. You can have sex with the human inflicted with the gift/curse, and it would be like having sex with any normal person.

    However, having sex with a vampire (a person whose heart has stopped beating and has died) would always be considered necrophilia. Technically speaking, it’s worse to sleep with a vampire.

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