What Books to Pack on Vacation

by First Mate Keira

Its summertime and everybody is getting ready to go on vacation it seems. I don’t know about anybody else but when it comes to packing I always make sure to bring along a few okay a lot of books. Whether you’re planning a road trip, flying somewhere, or just heading to the local park or beach here are a few book packing tips with a slant towards what to bring with you.

How Much Should I Bring?

That’s the first question you should address. The answer depends solely on where you’re going and how you’re going there and for how long you will be staying.

If you’re on a road trip I would suggest at least two dozen books. You’ll be spending a lot of time in the car there and back and also there will be down time while you’re there.

If you’re flying, I wouldn’t suggest bringing two dozen books. First, because of how much a piece of luggage costs to bring with you (unless it’s international where the price of luggage should be free) and the limits on weight associated with your luggage. Second, because you need space for clothes and toiletries and gear. I would stow two in your carry-on and no more than four in your suitcase.

If you’re doing a day trip somewhere local like the beach or the park, you don’t need more than two because you probably won’t be able to finish one, let alone two, and that’s even taking into consideration that you might have started one of the books.

What Should I Read?

Ah! A trickier question that because now it depends on your classes, school year, and personal tastes.

If you’ve got a summer book list for your English classes or for your year at school, I would highly suggest bringing these. Word to the wise: if you’re checking them out from the library be sure to get the books as close to the day you’re actually leaving to avoid fines. Also, if you are bringing library books with you on your vacation, double check if you can renew online and be sure you know how to do it. (Write your library number on a piece of paper so you won’t forget.)

Now if you’re all caught up with summer book lists and are looking for some pleasure reading you should be considering your to be read pile. If it’s anything like mine its monstrous huge. Go through it and select a hot single title or two or three that you’ve been meaning to get around to reading.

Consider starting or continuing a book series. Summertime is the perfect time to get hooked on new stories. If you can’t think of any series to start, check the “If You Love” category here at Literature Young Adult Fiction and also with your librarians. They always have reading recommendations.

The Easiest Choice is Digital Books: If you’re lucky and own a digital reader, the easiest thing to do is bring it with you on vacation. You can pack it with your summer book list, require reading, pleasure reading, and only take up the space of one book! Not a bad idea – but then again if you plan to be near water, I suggest a few print books too because you wouldn’t want to ruin your digital reader.

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Should I Bring Along Fluff Reading?

Personally, I don’t, but you go right ahead and bring along any magazines you’ve been meaning to catch up on. Read them and donate them to others when you’re through with them. People at rest stops and waiting areas will love you for it.

What am I Forgetting?

You’ve got your books all selected and you’re ready to hit the road running, but have you thought of everything? Use this handy list:

That should do you! Have fun on your vacation and read lots of books!

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