What Class Would You Most Want to Take at Hogwarts?

by First Mate Keira

Who hasn’t dreamt about going to Hogwarts? I bet we all have at one point or another. I’d love to see the Great Hall and to try navigating the moving staircases and bouncing rooms. I’d like to try out for Quidditch (maybe as the Keeper) and earn points for my house (Ravenclaw perhaps?). But most of all I want to learn magic.

Unlike other kids who would be slacking off playing Exploding Snap (not that I’d mind playing a round or six) I’d be in the library soaking up knowledge and looking for extra credit projects in order to learn more. I wouldn’t be like Ron trying to get Hermione to do my homework, I’d want to tackle it myself and learn all about what makes magic work so I could be better at it.

To that end I think us Muggles (and Muggleborn) would be more interested in classes than Purebloods and mixed generation witches and wizards. So tell me what class do you most want to take at Hogwarts and why!

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I’d choose Charms because I’d want to have magic cook my meals and clean my house or Defense Against the Dark Arts because I want to know I can kick some Death Eater butt and should I ever need it I could suck up to Harry for some help. lol 🙂 Perhaps even the apparition lessons, because really who wants to be stuck in traffic all the time? It would be so much easier to zap yourself from one place to the next!

Your Turn: Which class do you want to attend most at Hogwarts?

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  1. Lily Rose Weasley-Granger

    I’d most like to take transfiguration as it’d be awesome to be able to turn stuff into other stuff.
    Most, though, overall? Every class. I can’t decide. I’d be Ravenclaw and I’d spend most my spare time in the library or the Common Room/dormitory, reading.

  2. I wouldn’t mind flying on brooms or learning to apparate. I’m surprised at how many people want to take potions.

  3. The more I think about it the more certain I am that I would take charms. I want to be able to clean up a room like how Dumbledore and Slughorn did in book/movie 6. Easy as a flick of a wand or in the case of Samantha from Bewitched, a wiggle of the nose.

  4. Definitely Potions and Arithmancy. I couldn’t choose one over the other. Potions because the exactness of it would be enough to drive me so crazy, and for some crazy reason that makes me wanna do it more. Arithmancy just because it involves math to an extent (I think) in the equations needed and it just sounds fascinating.

    • I like the idea too that magic has hard set rules, like science. Makes it seem more real and fun too!

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