What is Your Favorite Harry Potter Book and Why?

My favorite Harry Potter book is Goblet of Fire, number four in the series. I like it best because…

  1. It was the first very long book which meant I could spend more time at Hogwarts.
  2. It opened up the wizarding world and showed readers life outside of Hogwarts and the wizarding world of Great Britain.
  3. The International Quidditch match. We get to see the sport in action as it was meant to be played.
  4. The Death Eaters attack. It’s a sign the series is about to get darker.
  5. The interschool championship and the race for eternal glory!
  6. Fred and George’s antics.
  7. Fleur – Part Veela. Krum – Boy Quidditch Star. Cedric – Hufflepuff Pride.
  8. Harry’s gobsmacked expression at getting selected.
  9. Harry’s match of wits with a dragon.
  10. Dobby back to help Harry Potter.
  11. Swimming underwater in the lake. Where was the Giant Squid?
  12. The giant maze and especially the sphinx.
  13. Sirius’ coming to help Harry out in the tournament.
  14. Rita Skeeter is awesome and a total nuisance.
  15. Snape’s disgust with Potter’s increased celebrity.
  16. The fake Mad-Eye Moody as Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. The kids actually learned something with him unlike with Quirrell.
  17. Harry beating a second Unforgiveable Curse.
  18. Finding out that Moaning Myrtle stalked boys in the bathrooms. Bwuahaha.
  19. Interaction with beings other than centaurs. Go merpeople!
  20. The Yule Ball and Harry’s absolute failure as a date.
  21. Voldemort regaining his body and lording his return over his followers.
  22. Ron having to practice dancing with McGonagall.
  23. The duel between Voldemort and Harry.
  24. The shades helping Harry out when his wand was locked with Voldemort’s.
  25. That the second war was just beginning and all the potential for awesome.

Your Turn: Which book in the Harry Potter series is your favorite? Why is it your favorite? Share in the comments!

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  1. I think Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite. Mostly because Sirius and Lupin are introduced. Also, we find out more about how Harry’s parents died. and Buckbeak!

  2. QuetzalQueen

    My favourite is The Chamber of Secrets. I was so surprised when I found out Tom Riddle was Voldemort and Ginny was being controlled by him! Plus I loved Fawkes!

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