What Makes a Virgin Hero Sexy?


There are two male extremes in romance novels. The first is the rake, who is a ladies’ man among ladies’ men. The second is the untested virgin hero. Both are equally well received if given the right set of circumstances, but the rake is by far the most likely hero candidate. Why? When as Jane from Dear Author points out a rake in any other romance subgenre outside of historical romance is an indiscriminate immoral playboy? Surely by comparison a virgin hero is sexier! Let’s examine how:

A Virgin Hero is Sexy Because…

  1. He takes the act of sex seriously or has valid reasons to abstain like being lost in a wilderness for a decade.
  2. He doesn’t have a bed post filled with notches.
  3. He doesn’t have sexual diseases.
  4. He hasn’t fathered a dozen bastard children.
  5. He has a sex drive and chooses to wait.
  6. He might be a super hero or alien. Or both, just look at Clark Kent.
  7. His heroine will be the focus of all that pent-up sexual energy. Yum.
  8. He’s pure, untouched, and very likely not jaded.
  9. He is infinitely more remarkable because he’s uncommon.
  10. His heroine gets to be his first.
  11. He could be a virginal alpha hero or a beta hero.
  12. He’s usually not ignorant of the act unlike his counterpart the virgin heroine.
  13. His POV in the love making scene is hot enough to make you melt.
  14. He’s king of control. (Take that rake/playboy!)
  15. He’ll remember your her name.

For a list of virgin hero romance novels head over to All About Romance. Don’t forget to check out the category of virgin hero romance here at Love Romance Passion.

Your Turn: do you like your heroes virginal or rakish?

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  1. Number three & four are awesome Keira! Funny stuff.
    I’m sorry, I do “not” go for this type of hero. I like the rake with the bed post notches, (ROFL.) Oh! and definitely jaded, that gives him that extra hotness. Hot…hot! As for #15, what the hey…I’ve always wanted to be called Sabrina anyway.

  2. If you want a virgin hero who will change your mind about virgin heroes you need to read Endearment by LaVyrle Spencer. It’s an oldie, but it’s oh so good. Bonus it has one of my favorite angsty breakup and reconnection sequence.

  3. Ah! you mentioned my achilles’ heel, the rekindled romance. Will have to add to my TBR list, and it’s available on Kindle. Highly unlikely I’ll change my mind re: the rakes, but I’ll try to remain open-minded.

  4. He’s Swedish and her background is Irish. Part of her plan to win him back involved dressing and cooking like a Swedish girl. He felt so bad he ever made her feel that’s what he really wanted — it was so cute.

  5. Awww Keira mentioned Spencer. I shall now commence feeling sad about all the LS books I gave away many years ago.

    A virgin hero is one of those things you don’t realize you love so much until you come across one. Glad someone is keeping a list 🙂

    • You did? Aw, that’s so sad. I actually picked up a few I never heard of before by her. Eventually I’ll get to them. lol 🙂 My top fav LS are (no order): Gamble, Years, Morning Glory, Endearment, and Hummingbird.

  6. One of my favorite virgin heroes is Matthew from Anna Campbell’s “Untouched.”

  7. What a great topic! And hard to find in novels. I’ll look into the recommendations here.

    I have to say I prefer the virginal to rakish. There’s a hilarious SNL skit about James Bond finding out he has an STD and having to track down the zillions of people worldwide to let them know. Funny with a zing of truth! My compromise when writing–because unless it’s a historical, it would be difficult to make a believable hero a virgin–it to have a hero who has past experience but it didn’t satisfy so he’s a bit more circumspect about who he hooks up with…and naturally he waits for the heroine when she enters his world.

  8. @Jane: Matthew from Untouched? What makes him a favorite of yours?

    @Bella Street: Virginal and inexperienced are similar, but not the same. I could see how more readers would buy that especially with some background knowledge.

  9. LOL I love number one. It’s so funny that for a virgin hero to be believable, he has to have this major thing to have kept from having sex. Like being held captive by his evol uncle. Hahaha!

  10. Jami G.

    In several of my stories, the heroine is a virgin, but in the big series I’m writing, the hero is. And as a paranormal hero, he’s been a virgin for a LONG time. Poor guy. 🙂 But just think of all the sexual tension built up in him!

  11. Jami G.

    And thanks for the great rec’s for my TBR pile. *eyes towering pile threatening to topple* I think… 🙂

  12. Now, IRL, of course I wanted the virginal hero! I wanted a man with a moral code that matched mine. And one without teh diseases. 😛

    And I like them in books too.

    There are elements of the playboy I love too. Especially when there’s a reason they are the way they are. Like everything, it’s all in the execution. I especially like it when the playboy/rake ends up realizing that his past actions were squicky.

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