A Devil in DisguiseGuest blog by Sandra Scholes

A male friend of mine once met me at a discreet corner of Waterstones book store. While I browsed the romance section, watching me reading the blurb on the back cover – he snatched it from me, read it and started to laugh while people passed us by, probably thinking we were odd, or worse, mad.

I asked him what was funny, and he said “Have all the heroes and heroines in these books got weird names?”

It was my turn to laugh then. I took the book back off him, putting it back on the shelf, and picked up a couple more, handing them to him while he read the back covers. Within minutes he almost fitted with laughter.

The thing is, I have been reading these books for years, and the thought of the names being even slightly hilarious had never crossed my mind. I thought they were well written, the characters had spirit, they leapt off the page – the last thing I thought of was how funny their names were, but Dominic made me sit up and listen, and when I looked a bit closely at the names, it wasn’t long before I would understand what he meant – it doesn’t stop me from reading them though!

Here area some of the funniest names I’ve seen so far:

If there are any you want to add to the list you have seen recently – please do, I would love to read them.