When Did You First Read Harry Potter?

In the days coming up to the release of Deathly Hallows I’m going to talk about all things Potter. There will be spoilers so if you’re only a movie watcher and not a book reader too you may want to avoid some of the posts. Today’s topic covers when I first fell head long into the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

My mother heard about Harry Potter from the newspapers right at the beginning of the summer before book four was released (July 8, 2000) and told me I might like to read them. I thought it sounded silly and at the time I was starting to move away from YA fiction but I decided why not? Needless to say Harry Potter reignited my love for the YA genre.

Within a week I went to the library and got the first three books. I read them all in one weekend because I couldn’t put them down once I started. I fell in love with Harry Potter, his friends, Hogwarts, magic, and couldn’t wait for Goblet of Fire. What would Voldemort do next? When I got my copy of the Goblet of Fire I stayed up all night and finished it by early morning.

Ever since I’ve been Team Harry, dressing up for the book and movie releases (and for Halloween too). I’ve been Professor Trelawney (my first attempt), Rita Skeeter (twice… with a job and jobless), Luna Lovegood (my home made Quibbler was a hit), Moaning Myrtle (twice… coming from potions and in regular Hogwarts uniform), Tonks, Voldemort (yes bald cap and all), and soon Fleur Delacour.

I loved Harry Potter so much I couldn’t wait the year or years between releases. I scoured fanfiction.net for stories from other Potter fans and soon had to write my own book seven with some twists… like giving Harry Potter a twin brother (a whole subset of fanfics).

The only thing that could make Harry Potter better in my opinion is a book 8. Don’t you think?

Your Turn: When did you leave the Muggle world and ride the Hogwarts Express for the first time?

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  1. I heard about the books when they first came out, but then they were aimed at my brothers and sisters rather than me, so I didn’t read them much. When I started working at the local community college library, I spent a lot of time in the children’s section, and I started picking up the books shortly after the release of the fourth book. I think I re-read The Prisoner of Azkaban at least ten times while I worked there . . .

    It’s also the same place I discovered Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain books, which I also read over and over numerously.

    • Prisoner of Azkaban is my second most favorite Potter book right behind Goblet of Fire. There’s so many excellent things to draw from even after counting the dementors, time travel, Marauders, Hogsmeade, and Sirius Black. 🙂 I will have to check into the Prydain series soon since you talk so highly of it.

  2. When I was staying with relatives waiting for Hurricane Floyd to leave my hometown 🙂

  3. At first I hated HP, cause my brothers used to watch the movies all the time, and I caught snippets of the scarier parts (E.G. the basilisk, in the graveyard with voldie, Voldie in the room with the mirror of erised…) and put it into one big horror movie in my head. I finally read the second book not long ago when it was the only thing to read on a long car ride, I finished the series in about a week after that. I’ve read it over and over almost 30 times by now.

  4. At first I refused to read the Harry Potter series. I don’t remember why anymore. The first book I read was the fifth book. I had heard my dad listening the audiobook in the car and although I only heard the first chapter, I was hooked. I was ten at the time. As a result I read the Harry Potter series out of order. (5,6,1,2,3,4,7)

  5. I read them for the first time as an eight year old, in ’99. I read them because I wasn’t allowed too..seems like a silly reason, huh? My aunt got me a copy of the first one for my birthday, and my parents disapproved, took it away, and put it on a shelf above my head. I probably wouldn’t have been interested if they hadn’t been so adamant I couldn’t read it. I got it down in a couple days, and read it out loud to my two younger siblings. I was hooked, and it influenced my thinking and writing throughout my teen years and into the present. By the third book, I had changed my parents opinions, and I was a Harry Potter character for Halloween. I got hooked on fan fiction because I just couldn’t get enough! Been into the genre ever since.

  6. I first read these when I was only 7 years old! reread them about 3 times since, though.

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