Who is Your Favorite Harry Potter Character?

by First Mate Keira

An old standard question, but a fun one, because there are so many awesome characters to choose from in the Potterverse. The rules are as follows:

  1. You can’t pick Harry Potter.
  2. You can’t pick his best friends, Ron and Hermione.
  3. You can’t pick his mentor (Dumbledore) or his nemesis (Voldemort).

If you do I’ll have to Abracadabra you…

I’ll go first and I won’t even use my standby of the Weasley Twins, whom I love dearly and would want to meet in real life if I could.

I’m going to go with the fake Mad-Eye Moody. Yes, you heard that right. I just picked Barty Crouch Jr. Why? Why on earth would I pick him of all the characters? I’ll tell you why… 🙂

Barty is a fully realized character. He’s developed and he’s interesting.

He comes from a light family with strict and stern principles and yet he becomes a servant of the Dark Lord. He earned 12 O.W.L.S. He’s smart but highly twisted.

He’s done bad things as a Death Eater, most notably being one of the bad guys torturing Neville Longbottom’s parents. He’s evil… and yet still appears (in disguise of course) to others as a decent person.

According to the timeline, he’s the first to escape Azkaban with his father’s help. At the start of Goblet of Fire he had been out of Azkaban for ten years, but heavily guarded by his dad. The world thought he’d died in prison and it wasn’t until the Dark Lord with Pettigrew’s help released him from his father’s Imperius hold.

From that point on and in very short order he managed to successfully (probably with Voldemort’s or Pettigrew’s help) beat a fully trained paranoid and most successful ex-Auror after years without a wand.

Then he proceeded to pulled the wool over everybody’s eyes by successfully throwing himself into character as Mad-Eye Moody: Limp. Paranoia. Rough Charm. Attitude. Memories. Secret Codes (for Dumbledore I’m sure). And so on. For 8 months!

Talk about a tall order.

And on top of all that he gained the students’ trust and favor as a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. He was competent (12 O.W.L.S. probably had something to do with it) and it showed on all fronts. I loved his classes…

And he gave us the bouncing ferret…

So he still had or pretended to have a code of honor and a sense of humor.

Your Turn: Now that you know who I picked, who did you choose and why?

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  1. Hedwig. None of the characters are particularly well developed. J.K Rowling excelled at world building but her characters are more than a little one dimensional. If I can’t have Hermione or Harry who are well enough developed that I can like them I really don’t know who I could pick. (Ron is also well enough developed but the result is rather disagreeable so he strikes out on two counts.) Ginny is a well enough developed Mary-Sue that I can’t stand her and nobody else has character development enough that I really have any opinion. Hedwig however – all we know is she’s beautiful, loyal and loves Harry. In the end that’s all we need to know about a pet so she’s the obvious choice!

    • @Emma – She was indeed those things. I like Hedwig a lot too – her death was very unexpected for me in the series. I did not like that at all.

      @BoutsofInsanity – You and Sasha with Snape! I liked him as the unfair teacher, because I enjoyed disliking him… lol Plus he had as you say his billowing bat-like robes!

  2. Sucks that I cant Pick Ron. SO I go with SNAPE. Snape is a badass spy, good duelist, youngest potion master on record, and wears black an makes his robes billow. Also his story is tragic.

  3. Grawp.
    He is the best fighter in whole series.He fights half of the voldy’s army in final battle.
    And Dobby ofcourse.He is lot better than moRon who stands there and whines like bitch in Malfoy Manaor.

  4. Phoenix

    Remus Lupin. Because he is a not only a badass defense teacher but a connection to Harry’s past which he is so desperate to know. The character itself is somewhat more fleshed out than other minor rolls.

  5. Fred and George! if i had to pick one, George i guess. i dont just love tem cuz there funny, i think the tragic end to the inseperable pair was a terrible moment in the stories that wasent given enough book time. the loss of a twin is always tragic, but throw in the fact that they were comic relief that most readers, and indeed the other characters took for granted, and that event had the potential to floor people. it sucks that JK skimmed over it, i think that was a bad decision.

  6. Slytherin Girl

    Draco Malfoy. He’s hot and evil. And Bellatrix Lestrange. Great actress.

  7. IamaPotterHead

    Tonks is my fave. just cause of her strong will power and her strength in general (except in the 6th when she felt responsible for Sirius’s death, but thats understandable) i also like how she can change appearance without polyjuice potion that would defenetly come in handy, Especially for me…..
    but if i could choose one of harry’s friends it would be Ron. and best actor (or actress in this case) would be Emma Watson. because of her Realistic scream in the 7th and a realistic cry in the 6th.

  8. Bellatrix Lestrange. She is just so delisiously evil. Not to forget that she is completely insane. Insanity is one of the most interesting things a person can be. Not to mention, I also think she’s sexy as hell.

  9. Amanda

    My favorite character has always been Draco Malfoy, there was just something that always atracted (sp) me to him and it was just he’s bad boy charms, or his looks (although that was a plus) you just end up feeling bad for him at the end.

    Another favorite of mine would have to be his mother (Narcissa Malfoy) anyone who is going to risk her own life to save not only her family but Harry as well belongs in my list, plus I love to see her and her sons relationship kinda unfold as we see it the 6-7 part 1 and 2 movies.

  10. Naomi Lestrange

    Draco Malfoy or Bellatrix Lestrange!!!

    Why I like Draco?: He’s Hot! And I just digg a bad boy/ Death Eater!

    Why I like Bella: I just Plain think Helena Bonham Carter is an Awesome actress!!!!

  11. Luna.
    I love the way she looks at the world. She is different and celebrate’s that. She’s unique in her own way. But she is beautifully intelligent and has knowledge of what is truly important.

  12. I’d have to choose Severus Snape. For the above mentioned reasons (billowing robes, youngest potion master, amazing duelist, etc.) but also because he’s just awesome. Oh, and his snarky attitude and sarcastic wit… *sigh*.

    As an aside, I definitely think he should be wit Hermione. His love for Lily is sweet but it was unrequited from the beginning. Needless to say it was never meant to be. Severus and Hermione were made for each other.

  13. Remus Lupin is my favorite. He’s so gentle yet mysterious. He’s there for Harry in a way that I think Harry is sometimes too stubborn to realize. I’d have liked more of a backstory on him.

    Also, Serverus Snape. I never dreamed that he would end up being such a sensitive man with so much love for not only Lily but Harry as well. All that he put himself through just for unrequited love…truly admirable.

  14. Melisandre

    I’d have to go with Bellatrix Lestrange and Sirius Black.

  15. Lord Mouldywart

    Dobby or Draco, for their own reasons:

    Dobby is so loyal and risks his life for Harry to escape, and he never really deserved to die…

    Draco is a bad ass. And that’s just cool.

  16. I Cant decide a favorite!

    belitrix:her insanitiy is just so amusing! I love it! bah

    Remus and tonks: <3 tonks she is so spunky and remus is so caring and trustworthy and sticks up for what is right.

    Snape: who doesnt like him?

    the twins: they bring humor even to the darkest aspects of the series. they are just so fun!

    Molly wesley : she seems like a pudgy housewife who wouldnt be able to hurt anyone and then BAM! shes some Kick-ass lady with a wand in someone's face.

  17. anonymous

    Remus Lupin is one of the best characters I think. He is kind, sensible, and as stated above – gentle yet mysterious. He is there for Harry and seems like a really good guy. He was also the best Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher they had at Hogwarts during Harry’s time.

    Tonks is another one of my favorite characters. She doesn’t appear as a big major character, but she still stands out to me and she seems really cool… She’s the kind of ‘person’ I’d like to be friends with.

    Overall though Sirius Black is probably my favorite character. He’s one of the good guys, but he has a dark side too. He can be reckless, arrogant and moody – which are not good traits in a person, but the fact that he is also brave, affectionate and very loyal makes up for it. He’s a flawed character (eg. He bullied Snape in school and almost got him killed), but after all the unnecessary suffering he goes through I can’t help but feel bad for him.

  18. Sirius and Lupin are definitely my favorites. I cry everytime I read or watch their deaths. They play such an important part in Harry’s life. Both gave up their lives for Harry. Fred and George are also at the top of the list…but who could hate them? :p

    I really wish J.K. Rowling would write a book about when James, Sirius, Lupin, Wormtail and Snape were students at Hogwarts. I think it would be interesting to learn about their lives. And maybe include more about the original Order of the Phoenix? (Hopefully J.K. Rowling can create a small series out of this haha)

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