Who Should Harry Potter Marry?

One of the biggest debates in Potterverse is Harry’s love life. There are Ginny fans and haters and both sides are equally passionate about their cause. I myself am not a Ginny supporter. I’ve written a whole post about how Ginny and Harry are the least romantic couple ever. Today I thought I’d turn it over to you guys. If you could rewrite Harry Potter, who would you pair Harry up with?

Biggest contenders are Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, and Cho Chang. But what about the more unknown girls at Hogwarts? Who would like to see Harry end up with Susan Bones or Hannah Abbot? Daphne Greengrass? Padma or Pravati Patil? What about Mandy Brocklehurst or Lisa Turpin? Could there even be a Millicent Bulstrode supporter out there? Or someone who wants to see Harry wind up with Draco’s Hogwarts girlfriend (loosely used), Pansy Parkinson? Or Ron’s Lavender Brown? There’s even Sally-Anne Perks, a girl in Harry’s year, but so unknown that she doesn’t even have a known house assignment. Or Moon who could be boy or girl and in any house? Those are only the girl’s in Harry’s year and outside of that many more names pop up like Fleur Delacour or her sister Gabrielle.

I’ve read many fanfics that showcase several of the girls above as Harry’s perfect companion and lover. Susan Bones for her loyalty, brains, simple prettiness, and political connections through her aunt is often cited. Daphne Greengrass because she’s the supposed ice queen of Slytherin and above Slytherin/Pureblood politics but knows how to play the game and could help Harry navigate it. Padma Patil is the girl most picked from Ravenclaw, but she’s usually chosen because Harry realizes he’s made serious errors when it came to their horrible date at the Yule Ball in year four and wants to make amends.

If it were me I’d pick Hermione or Luna as they are my favorite girl characters outside of Fleur (who sadly saw Harry as a leetle boy). If not one of them then one of the other girls with little background would do because there’s so much more wiggle room to create the girl’s character and to build the relationship with.

Your Turn: Tell me who would you pick for Harry and why?

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  1. Luna Lovegood.

    I’ve gotten a few weird looks when I’ve mentioned this, but I’m a devoted HPLL shipper and it’s not just because I love Luna.

    I don’t actually like Harry’s character post 4th year. He gets angry, shallow, and frustrating (yes, ING, not ED) and he needs to take a chill pill. Luna can definitely provide that.

    Moving on. I admit, I wouldn’t like Luna as much if she were a standalone character. I like Luna-and-Harry, in the sense that as soon as I met Luna, my brain went “oh, this is what he’s missing. They need to be together.” She’s quirky, honest, and a devoted friend; sometimes people can’t look past the fog, but I know all too well that the best gifts come wrapped in bizarre paper. Luna can come off as a bit rude, but she’s being honest — in my mind, that’s the most decent thing you could ever do for a person. She’d never lie to Harry, which is a quality he desperately needs.

    I believe Harry is shallow and slightly insensitive, but he has potential to be more. He stays in the same roles with the same people and therefore has little to no room to grow; with a new face, especially one like Luna’s, he could become something new. In my opinion, something much better. This could be an argument for lots of other girls (Hannah; Daphne; Sally-Anne; etc), but hey, we at least know Luna. I’m sure there are lots of, say, Harry/Daphne fics out there, but really they’re Harry/OC fics. We don’t know enough about most of the girls in the series.

    Luna also kicks serious trash. You really see it in the Department of Mysteries; she’s completely focused and wicked talented. This could simply be attributed to her intelligence (she’s not in Ravenclaw because she and Rowena share a fondness for butterbeer caps), but I also think Harry needs somebody intelligent; left to his own devices, he’s kind of a slacker, but he’s not stupid.

    I have this entire thesis thing written out somewhere (yes, I did go through a phase where I had no life), but I won’t put it here. Instead, I’ll just paraphrase something near the end:

    Harry was never allowed to believe in fairy tales. Luna never learned to function without them. They’re the perfect balance.

    (I am also okay with Harry/Hermione. I like her a lot, and I think she’s good for Harry. But he isn’t as good for her as she is for him. I have to admit, I also identify with Hermione, so I can’t really pair her off with anyone without feeling weird about it.)

    • Kristopher

      I wouldn’t say Harry is shallow and insensitive he is 15 just saw a friend murdered and a man who wants him dead resurrected and then he is left with the Dursleys for the summer with no appreciable contact with anyone I’d personally be reacting a lot worse than he did that being said I agree with the crux of your argument that Luna is the type of person he needs to get over his self recriminations even if I’m an HHr fan that’s more because Hermione deserves someone less Ronish than anything else

  2. Fleur, Parvarti, Cho, Lavender…. pretty much any girl, but not Ginny or Hermione.

  3. Hermione, hands down. She has always supported Harry, they have an immense amount of trust between them too.
    They are best friends and depend on each other and they compliment each other (Personality wise) without being either a carbon copy of the other, or downright nasty to each other (Ron and Hermione for EX)

    It would make sense for those two to get together. She would face a dragon for him, or torture. Just because they are friends.

    And we all know how much Harry will do for those he loves….

    Sure she nags from time to time, but everyone has bad habits. Harry get angry, Hermione is/was ‘bossy’.

    If you notice though, her nagging grows to be less as the series progresses and she really comes into her own.

    Relationships are built around trust, and love. They take Effort and understanding. Who understands Harry better than Hermione? Good questions.

    You can’t say Ginny. She has an appearance of about 2% throughout the books (including passing mentions…)

    Id have to say Luna would be a good contender for runner up though.
    They were able to connect well…

  4. If it has to be someone he went to school with then really, Hermione by default. No one else knows him nearly well enough or cares for him as fiercely as Hermione. Harper makes an interesting point that Harry wouldn’t be as good for Hermione as she would be for him, which has some truth to it, but I think Harry would relate differently to Hermione as a lover/wife than he would to her as a friend. Hopefully she’d finally ascend to first place in his loyalties, which she deserves and which would help heal the damage to her self confidence.

  5. SkyNocturne

    Hermione or luna 😀 always ….. absolutely not ginny :/

  6. abhishek

    My choice will be hermione.
    Hermione because she’s the only girl in the whole series that was close enough to harry for him to be actually himself around.From the reviews i read here,i also agree with Harry/Luna,they’d be a nice pair,but at the same time it’s just that she never shared the closeness that harry had with hermione,and also from what i read,i don’t remember if it was mentioned in the real books or i picked up from a fanfic that she fancies (MO)Ron Weasley.
    I also agree about harry not being as good of a friend to hermione as she was to him,he has been a git to her at times while she never turned her back on him.This is not to justify harry’s behaviour,but as a boy it was more likely of him relating to boy as a best friend at an early age,as young boys usually dont stick with girls all that much,and that is my own personnel experience.
    I dont think that he even realises how he puts her second but when he will i think his behaviour will change towards hermione.

  7. Hermione…
    – because she’s the only one who stuck with Harry till’ the end
    – because she never leave Harry (even Ron leave Harry in the tent)
    – because she’s the only person who understand Harry
    – because she sacrified everything for him (she even erase her own parents memory for him)
    – because Harry always trust Hermione more than anyone else
    – because they understand each other, they don’t need words to express it, just by looking at each other eyes
    – because it just sooooo sweet when harry with hermione (ex. when they dance, when they hug each other, when Hemione rest her head on harry’s shoulder, when harry said comforting word to Hermione when she’s sad, etc…)

    and from many surveys (and fact of course) the most favorite pair actually Harry/Hermione, 60% of HP fans love hhr couple more than hp/gw or hg/rw, too bad the author have another thing in her mind, but still i don’t really care, Harry Potter is still the best books and movies i’ve ever read and seen even with the not soo happy ending (just for me of course, everyone have their own thought)

    • Kristopher

      Not to mention she is the only one who can initiate physical contact with him at the beginning of the series with out him being uncomfortable

  8. 2 issues:

    First, i find it unlikely that anyone, let alone supposedly long living magicals, find the love of thier lives at the age of 16-18.

    Second, even in as small a world as the macigal one, Howgorts does seem like a relatively small school. That problem is only compounded by the fact that even bespite the small number of classmates, the students rarely seem to cross house boundries.

    JKR does not leave us with much to work with on this. Only Hermione get any significant “air-time” in the books, although there are glimses of Luna and Ginny.

    Ginny is basicly a stalker/fangirl from the onset, her only talents are a temper fuelled bat-bogey hex and red hair like Harrys mother, and that is just wrong on so many levels!
    It is strange that Luna as Ginnys supposed best friend only make a appearence in book 5, but that could be due to how little attention Ginny is getting in book 1-4.
    I’m not a fan of Ginny or any of the Wealeys for that matter, with the exception being Charlie, who we only know the name and occupation of. The rest are a bunch of selfcentered idiots.
    I like both Luna and Hermione in the books, but not nessecarily as longterm loveinterests.
    Luna have the greatest potential, but seem a bit too spacy for a down to earth guy like Harry.
    Hermione is loyal to Harry, and they share a common background in the muggle world, but I see this more as a brother/sister relationship.
    Am I the only one who think i stange, that Harry have grown up resenting his aunts critisism and bossing around, does not take issue with Hermiones attitude?

    All other girls are esentially OC’s with a canon suppied name and houseaffiliation.

    Ideally I would like to Harry paired with a smart and modest girl, who shares/understands his muggle background.

    Unfortunatily such a girl does not excist, but must be developed from one of the girl we know in name only. The best candidates are: Sally-Ann Perks, Lilith moon, Lisa Turpin, Padma Patil and Morag McDougal, if we limit the search to Harrys year, but can be expanded to include: Leanne Tinker, Demelza Robbins and Natalie McDonald (?) if we dont.

  9. Lily Rose Weasley-Granger

    I say Luna.
    – She’s ‘away with the fairies’ but she’s a good and loyal friend.
    – Hermione is a good partner for Ron.
    -Luna’s smart and well-balanced, a unique character.
    – Much as I like Hermione, Luna just works better for Harry.
    I know these aren’t amazing reasons, but not Ginny. Definitely not Ginny. It’d be funny if it was like, Professor McGonagul. That’d be funny.

  10. I am giving a shout out to the person who wrote this and saying that in green i only see pansy parkinson and nymphadora tonks also was a slytherin (boo) but i dont mind that you made her a ravenclaw.

    • Jesse Francis

      Nymphadora Tonks was a Hufflepuff not a Slytherin or Ravenclaw.

  11. Kendra

    I say Luna hands down. I enjoy Ron and Hermione and you could tell she was meant for him with the way they bicker. I don’t like Harry and Ginny or the way their love line seemed to be thrown in a little out of the blue. I wish there had been more of a set up for it before hand. Plus, I’m personally not a big fan of Ginny at all. I think a Harry Luna pairing would be enjoyable and, most likely, amusing as well.

  12. I would say Su Li because she would be different contrast to most of the known females and she is in Harry’s year and

  13. I would totally pick Cho because she is my favourite character and she is so amazing

  14. Ginny personally I am not a fan of her and Luna is a bit crazy and hermione is perfect for Ron so I guess it leaves cho, and cho is absolutely beautiful 🙂

  15. potterfans indonesia

    Hermione, Cho, Ginny, Luna or any slytherin girl except pansy and millicent.

  16. Luna!

    I always felt that the relationships in the books were rushed and just thrown in because the movies introduced some romance first and because Rowling may have thought that was what the audience wanted. Anyway, I digress. Luna and Harry always made sense for me. I do like her the best out of the female characters, but that is not why I think she would be great together with Harry. Out of all of Harry’s friends, she never doubted him (whether it be his innocence, sanity, etc), and always seemed to understand the pain and anything else he was going through. She provides a sort of calmness in his life, and he always feels so comfortable and at ease when he’s around her. She always manages to make him feel better and knows exactly what to say to him. Harry on his part, also does not seem to mind Luna’s quirks and has never judged her for her outlandish remarks. Unlike everyone else, he treats her normally and with kindness. He became a great friend to her and she him. They need each other in that they are able to get each other without any judgement, and they really seem to fit each other well.

    I absolutely can’t stand him getting together with Ginny because for me, she just never broke out of her fangirl, Ron’s annoying and troublesome sister mold. She may be a nice girl, but she is rather boring. I’m not really sure why Harry started liking her in the first place other than maybe physical attraction. Other than that, Ginny doesn’t really bring anything to the table.

    I never really considered Hermione as a possible candidate for Harry’s affections. It just seemed so natural that they just remained friends always. I expected the same with Ron. I thought these three would just all remain friends at the end and all marry other people. Their friendship was great, and I couldn’t really see them going past that.

  17. Edward

    Although not a big Harry Potter expert by any means, I would like to give my two cents.

    I think Rowling may have had Harry end up with Ginny because it brings him even closer into the Weasley family. Harry is like Rowling’s child and I think she wanted him to finally have the large intimate family he never had. As his true mother, she may have felt Harry’s pain in this regard, more than most.

    Having said that, I believe the chemistry between Harry and Luna is much more natural. They fit together very comfortably and she is definitely a positive and peaceful influence on his life.

    Hermione seems to me to be more of a mother figure for Harry. She is his protector.

  18. I think its heads up toward Ginny she was always shy of harry and also she’s Ron’s sister he wouldn’t like to upset Ron you saw Ron’s face last time when Ginny was dating someone else than harry on the other hand Hermione granger has been in a strong bond with harry for 7 years so I think she might have something going on with harry , Cho Chang was Harry’s first crush I think he would’ve not chosen Cho though because he had a date with her and she always gets upset when harry said something Ginny was nice to harry they joked around and stuff too so I pick Ginny Waesly or otherwise Ginny Potter and they do get married and they get kids I think 3 or 4 !!!!!!!!!

  19. I never thought Ginny and Harry should be together as Ginny looked too much like Harry’s Mum! It’s kinda creepy, she was a boy-who-lived fangirl and all. Personally I kinda thought Harry was gay, think how badly he acted around women also his first kiss was a disaster. I think he should of been paired with Blaise Zabini or a young version of Tom Riddle (16/17), maybe be sent back in time? I kinda rambled on a bit but I think you get my point. 🙂

    • Kristopher

      I wouldn’t say his act around women makes him gay (though it’s possible) he’s just a 14-17 year old boy I acted worse around women at that age and I’m not gay just your average guy who at 15-17 knew nothing about women I even had the advantage of more female friends than he did and still acted like a fool also the first kiss problem was not his fault Cho was grieving

      • Jesse Francis

        I agree with Kristopher and I’m not gay despite my single status and never have dated anyone. Though just to let you I’m not against gay love.

  20. Kristopher

    Ok a lot of comments about Hermione(agreed) or Luna (understandable) but what about the Flying Foxes personally Katie or Alicia would make good matches for Harry alternatively I’ve read some excellent HPFleur stories that make a lot of sense Honestly still peeved about Canon Epilogue Pairings though big fan of the Chudly Canons fan theory

  21. I think Draco 😊

  22. 💩🤢😈👾👽🤖🙀🤥💄🖕🏽

  23. GINNY, GINNY, GINNY!!! Harry ended up with the perfect partner! I love Ginny so much! Hermione is sooooo stupid, and I don’t understand why people think she and Harry would make a good couple. Harry and Ginny just makes sense to me. (Probably cause I’m a Ginn person, but who cares?) So yeah, team Ginny all the way!!!

  24. Billy Joseph

    why not ginny?😡😢

  25. Billy Joseph

    OMG, how can someone not like the Weasleys!!!😢😢😢😢

  26. Billy Joseph

    How come you like stupid Cho the crybaby!!!???

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