Why Jacob Black and Bella Swan Would Never Work as a Romantic Couple

The whole idea of Teams is ridiculous. Readers of the series know how it ends and the folly of picking Teams is apparent. There was never any question Bella would wind up with Edward. Sure, you could pick Team Jacob for his hot body and delicious muscles, but picking Team Jacob because he and Bella make sense is ludicrous and here are 5 reasons why: (spoilers ahead)

1.     Jacob is a werewolf.

It’s not so much that he’s a werewolf, so much as what being a werewolf in Stephenie Meyer’s world implies. At least with Edward, Bella had a chance to become immortal too and eventually this chance is realized. With Jacob she’d grow old and he wouldn’t even start to age until he could go long periods of time without shifting. If Bella hated the thought with Edward, there’s no way she’d stand for it with Jacob, especially when Jacob can’t change her into a werewolf too.

2.     Jacob would imprint.

Another downside to the Jacob and Bella relationship is that eventually, like the rest of his furry brothers, Jacob would imprint. It might not be right away, he might have to wait for her to be born as with the case of Renesmee. But we’re assuming Bella doesn’t stay with Edward so the example should be Quil and Claire. That’d leave Bella alone… Jacobless and Edwardless, which would never work.

3.     Jacob is too pushy.

Edward has his faults, but Jacob’s pushiness makes Bella extremely uncomfortable. She can’t handle it and she doesn’t like it. If a fist in the face doesn’t bring home these facts to Jacob, he’s clearly clueless and will continue in said pushy behavior (as he does in Eclipse manipulating a kiss at the end of the novel) until he ultimately pushed Bella too far and eventually away.

4.     Jacob is beyond reckless.

He’s not worried about his life and safety and takes unnecessary risks. It might be thrilling at first, but over the long haul it’s not what Bella’s looking for. If you look at his behavior at the end of Eclipse you can see where his foolishness gets him – critically hurt and even then he doesn’t take it seriously. Bella would be constantly looking out for him in a manner similar to how she looks after her parents. She needs someone like Edward who’s willing to tone down his wildness and to act like an adult.

5.     Jacob doesn’t get it.

Love means something else to him than it does to Bella and he simply doesn’t get it. He’s in the middle of puppy love, not adult love when it comes to his feelings for Bella. Why else would he run off and face down a hoard of Newborns instead of staying with Bella when she clearly doesn’t want him to go?

Conclusion: It’s as clear as the snout on a werewolf’s face that Bella and Jacob never had a shot of everlasting and true love.

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  1. Jacob’s exercise schedule and walking half naked in the rain would A, kill me or B give me a very bad cold.

    But then he would keep me warm at night because he is a big snuggy blanket.

  2. At least until you get too hot being next to him because he’s hotter (108 degrees) than the maximum safety temperature in a hot tub (104 degrees). In a hot tub that hot you’re only suppose to stay in for 15 minutes – so your snuggling would be cut quite short!

  3. I have to say, I agree with all your points. But you can’t underestimate the power of the 6-pack abs!

  4. Agree! His 6-pack abs can lure any girl to the dark side lol 🙂

  5. I’d still go for the hot plate over the Elmer’s Glue.

  6. Elmer’s Glue?

  7. I call Edward Elmer’s Glue because of his pasty white skin tone.

  8. Nicole

    I agree with all but your last point. However, for every anti-Jacob/Bella point, there is a just as valid anti-Bella/Edward point. If she was smart, she would not want to be part of either of their lives.

    Although, many of her actions throughout the series prove she is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  9. 1. jacob only stops growing old IF HE PHASES. if he stops phasing, he wont. there’s a chance he would stop phasing if the cullens werent there. btw, jacob already looks older than bella, while edward apparently still looks 17.

    2. did you read the books?
    jacob would not imprint cuz according to smeyer
    if bella/edward werent together
    bella and jacob would be soulmates.
    but in the world they are they arent, jacob is supposed to be with nessie, and edward with bella. but if jacob and bella could be together, he wouldnt imprint.

    3. that was cuz bella didnt want to admit her feelings once she did he wouldnt have to push her into anything.
    and he didnt push bella away, was that a joke? in the end she admitted her feelings and kissed him back, get your facts straight.

    4. do i have to say that bella was the one who wanted to do reckless stuff in new moon? plus, bella says she feels reckless around him. so she wouldnt worry.

    5. puppy love?? LOL. when all of bella’s reason to love edward is his hotness? dont make me laugh.

    your argument is invalid 😉

  10. another one:
    2. if bella really found jacob’s “pushiness” so annoying, why would she put up with it and claim she *needs* him in her life? just saying.

  11. I agree with everything jo said

  12. I have to agree with some of the other responses, for every anti-Jacob point, there is an equal anti-Edward one. Well.. on another note, I personally I think Bella doesn’t deserve either one. You should do a list of why Jacob/Bella wouldn’t work because of Bella being an idiot. 😛

  13. By picking Edward, Bella sells out her soul.
    Yes, great choice. A walking dead corpse? I don’t think so.
    Running away from the sunlight? Having to stay away from parent and friends because they’ll recognise her unchanged face. Unable to have any more children.

    Jacob can protect, he can have as many children as he wants, he can heal (regenerate), he can be immortal, he can live a human-like life without having any weakness, he has superhuman strength, speed and agility and that’s IN human form nevermind out of it. He has free running abilities. He can talk to his pack telepathically.

    Jacob is the better husband.

    • Good points, but how does Bella stay with Jacob? He regenerates/heals/is immortal until he can really control how often he changes into his werewolf shape. What happens when Bella’s greatest fear is realized, that she can’t be with him because the world sees her as his mother/grandmother instead of his lover?

  14. bellaedward

    when volturi attacks because bella doesn’t turned as they agreed to jacko will phase constantly to protect the tribe. when he will stop phasing? or when bella is 50 and he look like 18?
    be serious people

  15. 1. Jacob is a werewolf. He is only 16 and is physically 25 so he has nine years to stop phasing so he could age with Bella. So that doesn’t count.

    2. Jacob would imprint. If Bella had chosen Jacob then Bella’s baby would have never been born and Jacob would have never imprinted so they would have been happy.

    3. Jacob is too pushy. Jacob is a 16 years old and the girl he loves is going to die (or become undead) as soon as she graduates highschool is a couple of days so excuse him for trying to make her choose him. He made a the typical love speech and followed it up with a kiss. He’s new to being a werewolf and he didn’t know his own strength. Also that was his first kiss. He didn’t have enough time to be subtle or go slowly because it wasn’t a choice between loving her or losing her to Edward. He was fighting between life and death. And Edward is pushy too. In fact in the first book i remember Bella telling Edward he was pushy.

    4. Jacob is beyond reckless. Jacob is just like any other teenage boy. Yes he sometimes engages in reckless behavior but didn’t Bella also engage in reckless behavior in New moon Eventually Jacob would grow out of it. Besides, he takes care of his disabled father since he was 13. His mother is dead. His sisters abandoned him. He turned into a werewolf and the girl he’s in love with is planning on becoming a vampire, his natural enemy so yeah, if he wants to be a little reckless sometimes to blow off some steam than who cares. And Jacob has never needed Bella to take care of him. It’s the other way around. Who saved Bella when she jumped off that cliff? Who was there to drive Bella to the ER when she crashed her bike? Who saved Bella from Laurent when she was in the woods by herself? Who tried to talk Bella out of going to Italy to face te Voultori? Don’t talk about Jacob like he’s a child. Edward is 108. Of course he acts like an adult. He’s old enough to be her great great great grandfather.!!!

    5. Jacob doesn’t get it. Jacob understands love better than most people. It’s not puppy love. Jacob put Bella back Together after Edward left her. He made her smile and kept her from killing herself. He was willing to wait for her to love him. He’s warm and fun. He knows Bella better than anyone and knows how to love her with out being told. He fought tooth and nail for her. He was willing to fight and die to protect her. He showed up at her wedding and was willing to let her go. The only reason he left her at the end of eclipse was to go protect her from the vampire army that wanted to kill her and Jacob thought she would be safe up on the mountain. He’s not a coward like Edward.

    Conclusion: it’s clear that Jacob was the better choice and that Bella made the biggest mistake of her life by choosing Edward. Because what Jacob and Bella had was real. It wasn’t perfect and it wasn’t a faiytale. It was messy and it was human. He was her sun and she was his Bells. They were best friends. They loved each other and had things in common. They were equal and Bella could be herself with Jacob. Isn’t that what loves supposed to be like.

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