Why Libraries are Important

by First Mate Keira

Budget cuts for library funding is a terrible thing. It’s happening because many people have lost sight of why libraries are important. Libraries are not an extravagance. They are not a waste of resources. They are possibly one of the best uses of funds and resources around. Here’s why:

Libraries are necessary for the literacy and education of a community.

A library grows the community.

Through a library new ideas are learned, expressed, and acted upon.

Without them the value and wealth of a community goes down.

Libraries are a hub of social and educational activity.

Libraries host events and services that the community wouldn’t see without them. Just think without libraries… Where would you go for a school project or paper? Where would you go for a free lecture on personal finance? Where would you go for direct access and help on job searching and career building?

Libraries are a source of employment for many individuals. Budget cuts could mean loss of income and loss of jobs.

Libraries are good for authors. There are usually multiple copies of books inside a library system. Now multiply it by how many libraries there are in the country. That’s a lot of sold books!

The standard of living has gone up with the increasing number of libraries.

Libraries grow the middle class.

Libraries are responsible for bringing a community together.

Libraries are the gatekeepers of culture. One of the saddest moments in human history was the loss of the Library of Alexandria when it burnt down. Can you imagine the wealth of knowledge we’d have access to if a fraction of it’s contents had come through unscathed?

Inside libraries are your new best friends. They are the stories that stick with you and shape you.

They are a resource and one we should never take for granted.

Public libraries may not be the newest of concepts, but their very big presence in today’s society is a new idea. Let’s not lose it! Visit your library today to support it’s presence in your community.

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  1. Gerald

    I use my library a good 4 hrs a week. I would be upset if they cut the budget. Libraries are necessary for the literacy and education.

    • A way libraries increase their budget is through Friends of the Library… at least in the US… not sure how libraries in foreign countries do it. It’s good to be a member of the organization.

  2. Donna Matthews

    Libraries are the foundations of learning.

    • They’re a great public service and the public should work hard to keep them that way and not let budgetary problems affect their libraries.

  3. From someone that grew up in libraries, and currently works in a library, thank you for the great post. Libraries still have a place in our society today. Especially with the economy the way it is, now is the time to be a frequent visitor to your local library. E-readers have there place but it’s still nice to put your fingers on the pages of a book. Plus I have to be able to use my bookmarks somehow.


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