by First Mate Keira

Do you wonder why schools use summer book lists? Or why you should be bothered to read the books on the list? Does it feel like the whole endeavor is a time suck? Do you feel you’ll hate all the books on the list? The purpose behind summer book lists is different depending on grade and literacy level. Here are some things to consider:

Summer Book Lists by Elementary School Grade:

The books picked will help grow particular reading skills necessary for that year. Getting your child to read the books on this list will ensure your child is ready for the upcoming school year. It will help them for all their lessons not just literacy instruction (reading and writing).

Summer Book Lists for English Class:

The books offered here will help you once school has started. You never know which books your teacher will instruct on or demand papers for so it’s best to read as many as possible to be the most prepared. If you’re in a higher level English class you may even take a test at the end of the year for college credit on these books so it’s important to get started early. If you have trouble getting through the books, be sure to grab cliff notes.

Additional Benefits of Summer Book Lists:

Summer book lists expand horizons and introduce new authors and genres. You never know what you’ll like until you try it. A summer book list helps you explore beyond your comfort zone which not only makes you a better reader, but a more educated one at that.

Plus, don’t you feel a sense of accomplishment on a grandiose scale when you’ve crossed through that last title? I know I did when I was younger!

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