You Don’t Need Great Vision to Spot a Great Catch

spectaclesI’ve always been a fan of bespectacled heroines and blind heroes. Their circumstances create instant empathy in me as a reader. In the historical genre, there is a trend in how each character type pans out at the end of the story.

For example, I fully expect hilarious hijinks in the case of the heroine throughout the novel. She will bumble around stepping on Hessian shoes, spilling teacups full of hot tea in very eligible gentlemen’s laps, and fall for a man other ladies fail to truly see. He, by the way, will love her in spectacles.

When it comes to the hero’s case, I fully expect his happy ending to include a full recovery of his sight. This healing coincides with the healing of his heart as he falls for the heroine that is as stubborn as he is. She will be able to handle his gruffness, pessimism, and brooding behavior and draw him into the light, figuratively and actually.

Some of my favorite romance novels feature these fabulous lead types. Here is my list of romances too fabulous to overlook:

  • Lion Of Darkness – Blind heroine and her doctor… and a fantastic swimming pool scene.
  • Yours Until Dawn – A blind hero must choose between his old flame and a new flame.
  • Sleepless at Midnight – Bespectacled heroine likes to spy on the hero bathing.
  • Dreaming of You – Hero steals heroine’s glasses as a reminder of her. Too cute!
  • Hunt Her Down – Hero has zero night vision and gets a little frisky in front of the heroine when he thinks she can’t see him.
  • Love is Blind – Scarred hero + blind-as-bat heroine = fabulous read.
  • The Spymaster’s Lady – He’s a spy and she’s a spy, but she’s also blind…
  • The Viscount in Her Bedroom – Blind hero supervises his grandmother’s “fast” companion.
  • The Dangerous Viscount – A twist on the “bad bet” trope as the heroine bets she can seduce the hero.

What books have I missed? Historical, contemporary, chick-lit, sci-fi, doesn’t matter what the sub-genre is! Share your favorite vision impaired romances in the comments.

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  1. Lauren Royal’s fantastic Violet. The hero is a scientist,as well as an aristocrat, and he makes his beloved a pair of specs …wow !
    And I can’t wait for Elizabeth Hoyt to write Phoebe’s story,in her Maiden Lane series

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